Day 3

Finally other new entry got at My Rivendell this morning to be stocked in our aquaponic systems. We ordered some variety of goldfish, sturgeons and shrimps. 60 fish in all. But 11 of them died for the journey and the high temperature.


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Day 2

I'm already enjoying being a Italian buddy farmer who integrates innovative and eco-friendly farming practices such as Aquaponics with the traditional hard work in the fields. Even if I'm just at the beginning of this feat.


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Day 1

Finally I got at My Rivendell for a fresh start. I'm ready to implement my haven with my family and friends. It has been a troubled journey to attain this project of integration of Aquaponics with traditional farming practices.

Fresh start-Zucchini in Aquaponics

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Choose your own life!

Why should we pursue fame and wealth? Why should we adapt to the speed of this society that doesn't ask us "which is the purpose that drives your choices"? We are so concerned about success to forget that now is the only time left.


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