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Aquaponic growbed pool

Aquaponic growbed pool designed by Davide Di Crescenzo

We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down. ― Kurt Vonnegut,

Launching a company is the most intense and challenging journey I’ve ever took in my life. It’s all making plans and rescheduling to adapt your project to the mutable conditions, such as the weather that this week wasn’t in our favor. It’s been raining for the entire week, almost without interruptions and the ground was too wet for building the greenhouse, yet. So, we must wait for sunny days. And of course, it’s quite frustrating because we’re in hurry to start; although working in this field taught us to be patient. The rush isn’t a good adviser in this kind of situations, whereas a forward-thinking acceptance may allow one to benefit from this enforced wait. In fact, what I’m learning is that the success of a project mostly relies on your attitude towards setbacks.

Every feat has its right time to be accomplished and none could force things to speed up, without delaying it more, but your creativity may come in your rescue, since it make you look at the problem from an upside-down perspective in way that the obstacles on your path may stimulate your resourcefulness to convert them into opportunities.

Aquaponics is the most powerful example of that. Its background is rooted in the Aztec food supply crisis of Tenochtitlan, the capital. An unprecedented population explosion led them to rethink their food production system, because they’ve no lands to cultivate but they needed to improve their productive capacity to satisfy the food requirements of all the citizens. So, they decided to tap the potential of lake’s ecosystem. They built floating rafts on it, known as chinampas, and they found out that the productivity rate was significantly higher than the traditional farming on ground. 

  I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking― Albert Einstein    
Aquaponic systems on rooftop

Small-cale Aquaponic systems on rooftop

My father has been committing his creativity for this cause for 9 years. He designed several types of Aquaponic systems, always to adapt this method to the circumstances and a wider range of needs of agripreneurs. One of these is the Aquaponic pool, which he built last summer on our apartment’s rooftop, close to two small-scale, vertical Aquaponic systems which are connected together. 

Aquaponic pool two perspectives

They’re covered to keep stable the temperature on the inside, mostly for the Turkish crayfish and the koi carp than for the veggies, which are less sensible than the aquatic animals to the cold shock.  No greenhouse was built to host these systems, because of the strong wind, that whips on this rooftop, destroying everything that is higher than the fence.

Another example of his creations is a plain Aquaponic system, which can be easily disassembled, that he designed for a workshop at the Cobianchi highschool, in Verbania. It’s composed by three tanks of Styrofoam (two of them are glued together to make the fish tank), an iron framework, a pump and handmade siphon.
Now, he’s adapting this structure to replicate it as many vertical growbeds, all around a unique fish tank for the Aquaponic showroom, we’re working on. 

Davide Di Crescenzo- building vertical growbeds at My Rivendell

This is him, assembling the components of the two growbeds under the gazebo at My Rivendell.

Being an innovation, Aquaponics unfolds you all the opportunities to use your wits to adapt its potential to your business requirements beyond any adverse circumstance, even if you have limited funds like us. It’s only a matter of rethinking the problem as an occasion and not as an impediment to succeed. For example, in our case, the solutions we’re finding for us may be applied by whoever wants to start a niche production, testing the demand of the market, without investing a significant capital in it at the beginning; or for training courses, scientific Research and experimentation, school activities, social programs of further training, tourist attraction, etc...   

There’re so many possible applications in several professional sectors, let’s just imagine them! 

Being fluid like water and not dense like rock is the most pragmatic choice you can make, if you’re really willing to succeed. Indeed, if you stop every time things aren’t going according to your plans, you won’t have a chance at all to achieve your goal.  Of course, it’s crucial to have clear in your mind a strategy to follow, but particularly when your business depend on exogenous factors and living beings, you must take into account all the correlated occupational hazards, that I assure you, will often occur. And when it’ll happen, it’ll be up to you decide whether they will damage your feat or not. Whether you’ll be able to convert these temporary weaknesses into long-term strengths. 

Or at least this is what I’ve been learning during my journey.

Are you a Dreamer by day?

We’re working to make this haven a reality for all the Dreamers who aim to make a difference. Please get involved and support our project!

We’re going to raise together a wonderful Future.




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