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The crucial bet of our lifetime

Aquaponic systems under the snow1

Aquaponic systems on a rooftop under the snow

Since Monday, it’s been snowing around the whole Italy. 

In the Winter of 2012, I was an highschool student and the snowfall meant to me “no school” for some day, maybe a whole week. I strongly desired that weather forecast proved true to enjoy some unexpected holidays during the week. And at the end, it occurred that my wish was granted for two days. The village where I’d lived, since I was 16 years old, is in front of the sea, so the snow is a rare and exceptional situation.
Indeed until yesterday, it didn’t have repeated again during these last years.

However now I’m a social entrepreneur and this off-season snow has anymore the same appeal to me, but it make me think to its consequences in Italy on: farmers’ crops and livestocks, homeless and migrants emergency, the earthquake victims in the areas nearby to us; etc…

This is one further reason to commit myself in this project, since if it succeeds, I can show that there’re climate-resilient options to tackle the economic and human crisis, we’re in front of. 

Humankind had survived until now because of its adaptation capacity and it’s absurd to me that so many people of the establishment still deny the gravity of the extreme weather events that are world-wide taking places and that are already aggravating the economic insecurity and the geopolitical challenges, that our Countries are facing. 

It’s crucial to accept that these climate conditions are not temporary, but will become the rule and we must act subsequently together, without focusing only on our immediate requirements. We need long-term answers to these issues. Innovative food production methods, which guarantee the farmers a major control on the process despite the exogenous factors, such as climate conditions and scarcity of natural resources, without impacting even more on the environment balances.

It’s the crucial bet we absolutely need to win in this lifetime. 

Are you a Dreamer by day?

We’re working to make this haven a reality for all the Dreamers who aim to make a difference. Please get involved and support our project! 

We’re going to raise together a wonderful Future.


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