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Overturning the perspective

Aquaponic systems covered by snow

Aquaponic systems on rooftop covered by snow

These days seem dreamlike to me and I’m trying to remain in a good mood and obviously focused on my job, but of course it’s not easy, since these climate conditions will result in a further delay of construction of our Aquaponic facilities in Tuscany. We’re forced to wait for sunny days when the ground dries. And however I’m quite relieved by the perspective that if we could have built the greenhouse according to the schedule, it would have risked to collapse under the burden of the snow. 

At the same time, my father is proud of the resistance showed by our Aquaponic systems on the rooftop, that with just some aquarium heaters introduce in the fish tanks, are keeping the koi carps and crayfishes safe in 10 °C water temperature.

Nevertheless, it’s a nerve-wracking situation and the snowfall gives no signal of ceasing.

Suddenly, our surroundings are white and I can’t stop thinking of all the damages that is provoking to the population.

These are the exceptional situations, that make me question the utility of my daily communication work, since I’m aware of the urgency of other more immediate aid practices and equally I know that I must be consistent to get the expected results.  Of course, mine is a bet and I can’t be 100% sure of the reliability of my expectations and this thing makes even more difficult staying focused on my task. 

Realizing a project is akin to the work of a craftsman, who everyday repeats the same gestures and habits to create anything not-yet existing from the matter at his disposal, without knowing which will be its final use or its lifespan. 
I envy his ability of believing so firmly in the relevance of his work to not leave too much space to his self-doubts and just going on working on his creation. Whereas, I lost several opportunities feeling overwhelmed by them. 

This time is going to be different because the purpose that is driving my business is clear, imperative and I’m not plenty of time or money to get stuck with fears.  

I think that we’re not the result of the circumstances, but of our attitude in tackling them. So, I’m choosing to not surrender my enthusiasm to the negative thoughts and find the positive in this forced await. For example, writing it down in these articles.

All the things that occurs to us have the meaning we attribute them. At this very moment,  I could decide to give up, since this snowfall is one of the several signs of the unfeasibility of my project and I’ll be right, in the same as transforming this weakness into a strength.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”― Henry Ford

According to me, a good entrepreneur is anyone who overturns the common, discouraging perspective with his/her propitious own.
If you love biographies as much as I do, you had already found many examples of this attitude in the stories of successful people. One in particular – that I remind myself in the moments of struggling – concerns Adriano Olivetti. During the Crash of ’29, he succeeded in boosting the presence of Olivetti’s typewriters in the foreign market, exploiting the gap left by his strongest competitors abroad who didn’t have foreseen this eventuality. 

So, the thing is that a far-sighted CEO needs also a great deal of intuition to forward-look at the future trends and people’s requirements. Every crisis can be a potential turning-point when you’re able to see the opportunities that it can offer at its core, instead of complaining that it’s occurred. It depends only on shifting your perception of it. 

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.” ― John F. Kennedy

 This is what I’ve been doing since the last Spring, when my parents decided to part with their company’s associate and asked for my help to renovate their business model. And actually I tried strongly, despite the threats of a lawsuit for a false that he had still been making to them. Nonetheless, few successes I had because of several factors related with the Italian computer literacy and the confusing communication of company’s brand during last years. Consequently, the most effective choice to take over the family business and renew its model, was to launch this startup.

At the beginning, when my parents had suggested me to found a new firm, I was quite reluctant, because it’s hard task running an small or medium-scale enterprise in Italy, where there’re too burdening taxes and bureaucracy. I preferred to find a way to go on with theirs, but it was too painful and stressful for them dealing with their past, which had caused them a great deal of disillusionment to tackle. In these sorrowful situations, sometimes it’s best to leave all behind your back, instead of pushing again a closed door.

So, I started this journey for my family, whereas now after all these months of intense work I designed it in my image and it gave me a powerful purpose to attend everyday. And this is pretty an amazing gift to give a daughter.
Feeling that you’re forging your own opportunities for the future, even if in a distressing situation like ours, is a priceless experience.

However it’s not easy, since my parents aren’t come unscathed through their failure and often I spend more energy in dealing with their frustration, anxiety and anger than to do my job. They’re 50 years old, while I’m 25 and I’m learning that growing up in this age of economic and political precariousness has equipped myself with more effective coping mechanisms than theirs. I much more easily accept as they’re and as they arrive, even if I’m improving this skill through some mindfulness practices at morning.

Of course when you’re young, you’re not so troubled by the idea of adapting yourself to new conditions and learning is not such a big issue. You’re still open to all the possibilities of your future career. Your mind is much more flexible than 50-year-old people. But, as a matter of fact, throughout history the adaptation is a key skill of survival. It’s necessary to ask for help the youth during these kind of transitional phases.  And I imagine this is the most difficult gesture for parents: understanding when it’s time to share the responsibilities with their children.

I’m glad that finally my parents did, since particularly in Italy the situation is getting worse because of these older people who’re not leaving space for the young ones to bring new ideas in our tired Country and shift it towards an actual change.
The necessary overturning of the old perspective for a young one.

Do you love Italy?

Good food and slow living are our traditions and they’re at risk.

We want to preserve them through innovation that guarantees a sustainable development for local communities. Get involved and support our project! 

Thanks for your time!






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