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“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship…the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”― Peter F. Drucker


I’m deeply fond of my Country despite all its flaws and faults and I can’t give up accepting that this phase of recession will waste our excellence in every traditional  profession. 

The progress can’t be surely arrested just because of the lost of lots of jobs, but an innovative thinking might help us to preserve our local traditions. 

In Italy, we’re all so scared by an ominous development of the current situation and our main disquiet is focused on short-term options to have an income to provide for our family’s needs. This rush is self-defeating, since it’s based on an immediate reaction to precariousness. It doesn’t solve the problem at all, but only postpone it to the next month or year.

When the system isn’t working anymore, you can’t fix it using the same old-fashioned tools. I know that it’s an earthshaking truth to accept, particularly when there is no immediate answer to this issue for whoever is involved.

Investing time, energy and money into innovation is a bet who few people can afford, despite the fact that livelihood depends on this choice. 

 Actually, my family and I aren’t in the condition to afford it, as well. We’re worried for the future since of course we’re in late on every schedule. But we don’t give up, because the time for launching this company is now. Deciding to surrender to the adversities to earn money at once would mean waiting forever to make it true. If the situation is getting worse, we must be prepared now, because none can assure us that other opportunities will come.

On Monday I went to the Forum “Tipicità” in Fermo for attending a conference on the “Light Hemp”. With this excuse, I inquired the local farmers who sold their products at the stands on their small-scale business out-turn after the drought of last summer and the snowfall of last week. This year put their activities resilience to the test. At the end they just lost their crops. So, I tried out their attitude towards a conversion of their farming practices into indoor ones and it resulted that they were afraid of the initial investment and the time necessary to accomplish this process. Most of them sell fresh products at the market. This is their main income.

Therefore, what’s the reluctance that I always meets dealing with this matter? How to support the family, while waiting for the things to be fixed. Furthermore, there is the workload and the volume of bureaucracy implied in starting an innovative facility. The time necessary to your costumers to get used and understand the add value of your products in terms of environmental sustainability and hygienic safety. 

For example, what people is more concerned about when you talk of Aquaponics is whether the veggies have an aftertaste of fish. (I assure you, that it’s a nonsense. It’s like asking if the vegetables cultivated on land taste of cow’s shit!)

I’ve no tips to suggest in these cases. There are no chances of getting through this kind of situation, except starting now to prepare yourself for the harder times to come, despite all the current, tough conditions

In Italy, it’s spreading the disillusionment among the people of all ages and we have witnessed it even with these elections. Only the elder persons went to the polls or the off campus students, who benefited from a discounted price of the train. 

Politics is perceived as something too far away from the concrete requirements of the population. So the answers that we need should come from the bottom up. 

There’s the urgency of changing the conception of private business to produce wealth in the social tissue, instead of just creating precarious jobs. 

There won’t be any development at all whether not sustainable and shared with every community involved in the area.    

“And when you know what you want–you go toward it. Sometimes you go very fast, and sometimes only an inch a year. Perhaps you feel happier when you go fast. I don’t know. I’ve forgotten the difference long ago, because it really doesn’t matter, so long as you move.” ― Ayn RandWe the Living

Do you love Italy?

Good food and slow living are our traditions and they’re at risk.

We want to preserve them through innovation that guarantees a sustainable development for local communities. Get involved and support our project! 

Thanks for your time!



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