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The arduous challenge of patience

My Rivendell-greenhouse-under-construction1

My Rivendell – greenhouse under construction

“He that can have patience can have what he will.” 
― Benjamin Franklin

Ours is the age of speed. We continuously run like ants inside an anthill, never slowing down to reflect on what is the genuine purpose of our rush.
We attribute it to earning an income for ourselves and our family, even if at the end most of our monthly expenses aren’t addressed to the basic needs, but to compensate the lack of satisfaction in our lives.

The commonsense teaches us that we must rush into things to make them happen, even when the experience refutes this belief again and again.  We spend much time in looking around for shortcuts instead of just accepting the length of the taken road and we think to have found one, we end up lost in the wood. We think to simplify our life, while actually we’re complicating it.

When I worked in my parents’consultant company, the hardest task was to persuade the customers to attend an Aquaponic training course first and then design a project to submit to a call for tenders for European or Regional Funds. They just looked at their immediate goal, that was to win it and have the guarantee of the access to capital. Only with this certainty, they’d have invested in a vocational training. And even if it sounds logic to them, this way of thinking couldn’t take them so far, all the more when it concerns entrepreneurship. It’s like saying that you’ll study languages, only when you have already been hired as interpreter. It’s simply nonsense.

My Rivendell-greenhouse-under-construction

My Rivendell – greenhouse under construction

Of course the global, economic precariousness doesn’t help at all, since it feeds our fear of not having any income while we’re studying and preparing ourselves for the future. It exacerbates the urgency of finding as soon as possible a solution, even if it won’t last and in a pair of months will have to deal with the same troubles. We feel that at least for the moment, we have been able to postpone the problem. But that’s all, we’ve just pushed back the date when we’ll need to find other resources to exploit. 

I made many times this mistake, myself. I developed this obsession of economically helping my family, since I was child. I’ve never followed my passions all the way, because I was afraid of the time necessary to make them profitable. It had been my grandfather’s bad heritage, who actually never had to work, except for some years of his life. And I lost many opportunities that I regret, because of it. Now, I’d be more skilled and probably I’d have already accomplished some of my goals.

However, now I’m here and I’m willing to not repeat the same errors again. 

I think that the best illustration of this age is Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit, who “shall be too late”. No matter how early you start designing a project in your mind, it always seems that you’re running out of the time. Things are changing so fastly, that is quite impossible not to be in late, compared with anyone else in the world that has already got whatever you aim to achieve.

The technological advancement enables us to spread our ideas world-widely and opens us almost infinite opportunities, but it results in messing up our plans as well, since they give us the illusion that time isn’t the key factor. We deceptively think that quantity is. Such as the amount of followers that we gain in our social platforms or website. And as a matter of fact, it happens that this goal is achieved in the juncture of a night and someone’s work or idea suddenly gets viral. What we don’t know for sure is the preparation of months or even years that is behind it.

Indeed our tendency is to focus on the immediate result and not on the background story that has produced it. In a way or another, every successful people have proved consistency in their profession throughout of the years, even if it was conceived just to be an hobby or an intimate passion.

Last year, my father contributed to a magazine on Aquaponics which was designed by one of his previous collaborators. I don’t know precisely why, but the latter was convinced to sell a huge amount of copies since the beginning and as it was obvious, it didn’t happen. So, he just stopped the production at the first number of it and not persisting in his project, he’ll never know if it would have worked or not.

You can have the most wonderful idea and the Net helps you to make it known, but to engage people that really believe in it takes time.

And in meantime? You keep pushing on it, until you succeed.

“It is very strange that the years teach us patience – that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.”- Elizabeth Taylor
My Rivendell-greenhouse-under-construction2

My Rivendell – greenhouse under construction       

The only way to get what you want is to be enough patient to overcome your fear of not succeeding in time. Because none can provide you a long-term, turn-key solution to get the certainties you need for consistently working on the fulfillment of your dream. 

Every advertisement of products or services promises you that, but none can guarantee it, since it doesn’t exist. Hard work, time and your willingness to improve yourself and your life are the only factors on which depend your future success. That’s all. 

If you have a dream throbbing in your head, the time to invest in it is now!

Don’t delay it again, because the current conditions aren’t quite what you expect to be or because you’ve not yet the financial security you’d like. It will never be the right moment and you’ll always be driven to rush into other apparently safer opportunities.

The life you’ll live fully depends on the choices of today.

As you can see from the pictures of the greenhouse, we’re doing ours despite all the adversities that our project is tackling and the lack of time and money. But we’re moved by the prospect of what we’re going to achieve and the small revolution that it will bring in our and in other people’s lives.

And so, with the occasion I’m glad to share with you all, that this project is already collecting engagement from different parts of the world and sincerely I’m pretty surprised by this precocious result, because usually it takes much more time to convert the interest of readers (likes) into action, such as writing an email or proposal for a partnership and so on.

I’m really grateful for this support, you’re already showing us.

Do you love Italy?

Good food and slow living are our traditions and they’re at risk.

We want to preserve them through innovation that guarantees a sustainable development for local communities. Get involved and support our project! 

Thanks for your time!

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