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My Rivendell - work-in-progress Aquaponics training Center

My Rivendell – work-in-progress Aquaponics training Center

Creating meaningful jobs to fight racism through concrete actions.

There’s plenty of challenging, gratifying, interesting, productive workaround for people to do, and there are plenty of people who want to do it―they simply aren’t being allowed that opportunity under the current economic system.”
― Noam ChomskyUnderstanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky

Mass media, politicians, relatives, professors, elderly and youth…ever do is repeat that “our future has been stolen from us”. And then it’s so close to question “whose is the responsibility of this rip-off?”

Everybody lays the blame on the other. None wants to shoulder one’s responsibility of what it’s happening, since it would imply the duty to take action. Actually, I guess that it’s easier to convince oneself of one’s powerlessness to tackle the geopolitical challenges that are affecting our daily lives. Like the consistent influx of migrants on the Italian shores and the prevalence of poverty in our Country.

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Do you love Italy?

Good food and slow living are our traditions and they’re at risk.

We want to preserve them through innovation that guarantees a sustainable development for local communities. Get involved and support our project! 

Thanks for your time!

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