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Daring to be a naked entrepreneur

My Rivendell-greenhouse-sunset

My Rivendell -first greenhouse

Reflections on human complexity by a fool at a masquerade ball.

I’m finding out that to attain your dreams you have to go through days plenty of frustration.

Frustration because none seems to be concerned by the issues that matter so much to you. Frustration due to your self-doubts and the sensation that you’re not enough and that you lack the strength to reach your goals in a short time. Frustration resulting from the acknowledgement that patience and clarity of mind are the only tools to fulfill your dream.

Around three months ago I decided to write down my reflections upon the global farming crisis and the opportunities that Aquaponics can provide for solving lots of the problems that are troubling this sector, because I aimed to make this reality known. I wished to make familiar this sector our livelihoods depend on, but that currently isn’t considered as much important as the high-tech industry.

I guessed that sharing the steps I’ve been taking and the struggles to set up my Aquaponics Center might be an effective strategy to convey this message and give a concrete vision of the inner potentials of the innovation in the food production field. But I wasn’t sure same as today. I don’t still know if showing my weaknesses as human being might damage or help for the construction of my image as entrepreneur.

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