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Lesson 3: Apocryphal Aquaponics

What does Apocryphal Aquaponics mean?

What exactly are Bumina dan Yumina and The Aigamo system?

With Apocryphal Aquaponics we refer to the less-known Aquaponic systems used around the world.

In this lesson of our Aquaponics Manual we make you known Bumina dan Yumina, developed and practiced in Indonesia. Furthermore we find out about The Aigamo system devised in 1989 by Takao Furuno in Japan.

Why are these systems so special?

Since they had been designed to fit the environmental conditions of their countries of origin. As well as the food requirements of growing populations.

For instance The Aigamo system is the result of tradition restored by innovation. Furuno had refined the ancient know-how. In such a way to develop a sustainable method that corresponds to an increase of rice production. Moreover the ducklings and fish stocked in the paddies become further sources of income.

For what concerns Bumina dan Yumina, this system is designed to implement food safety for families. Especially within the poorest communities, who live in the Indonesia’s remote provinces where malnutrition is still a big issue. In fact, it requires a low initial investment and it’s easy to run. Besides, thanks to the high temperature that varies little from season to season, it’s outdoor. Since it’s viable to farm veggies and fish all year round.

The Indonesian term Bumina means “fruit-fish”.  While The Aigamo system takes its name from a cross-breed duck species between the kamo (wild duck) and the ahiru (domestic duck).   

Do you know other Apocryphal Aquaponic systems?


= advantages  ×= disadvantages


the aigamo system-quaquaponics


  • (-> infographic about Rice-Duck farm)


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Davide Di Crescenzo subDavide Di Crescenzo is a marine biologist and an international Aquaponics expert who aims to share his 9-year expertise in the field.

He worked as consultant and official speaker for FAO to foster a sustainable development of Eastern Countries.

  • PASSIONdissemination of scientific knowledge 
  • ROLE MODEL: Jacques Cousteau, Elon Musk, Tesla, Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking
  • MISSION: building a Noah’s ark of knowledge

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