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Lesson 3.1: Apocryphal Aquaponics

Turkish-crayfish-crayfishponics-yabbyponicsTurtleponics, Shrimpponics and Yabbyponics

What do Turtleponics, Shrimpponics and Yabbyponics mean?

Aquaponics relies on the symbiotic relationship between plants, populations of nitrifying bacteria and aquatic animals. Not only fish! Indeed, Turtleponics,Shrimpponics and Yabbyponics take their names from the aquatic animals farmed. As a matter of fact, you have an interesting range of species you could raise in your aquaponic system. As always the choice depends on the aim you want to reach using Aquaponics.

In this lesson of our Aquaponics Manual, we outline the features of these types of aquaponic systems. Actually, there is nothing of particular in this use of Aquaponics. The only peculiarity is that instead of raising fish, you farm turtles or shrimps or crayfish. Of course, each species have its own specific needs and characteristics. Especially in terms of behavioral traits.

For instance these animals have in common an aggressive and territorial behavior. And this feature entails a required low stock density to avoid episodes of intraspecific fighting. Definitely, this is the main downside of farming these species. And perhaps this is why they are not commonly chosen for the aquaponic practice. The reduced production capacity prevents most of the farmers to undertake a Turtleponics/Shrimpponics/Yabbyponics business. Although with the right know-how, their breeding has significant potentials in terms of unexplored niche markets to enter.

However, Shrimpponics and Yabbyponics (or Crayfishponics) are mainly an integration to Aquaponics with stocked fish. Because shrimps/prawns, as well as crayfish don’t produce enough excreta. So, usually they are farmed in tanks separate from fish. Or the tank is divided in two compartments by a net. On one side fish and on the other crayfish. Nevertheless to get a substantial profitability, space is a prerequisite.

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Davide Di Crescenzo subDavide Di Crescenzo is a marine biologist and an international Aquaponics expert who aims to share his 9-year expertise in the field.

He worked as consultant and official speaker for FAO to foster a sustainable development of Eastern Countries.

  • PASSIONdissemination of scientific knowledge 
  • ROLE MODEL: Jacques Cousteau, Elon Musk, Tesla, Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking
  • MISSION: building a Noah’s ark of knowledge

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