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Lesson 4: Marine/Saltwater Aquaponics

Marine Aquaponics

How does it work? What are its advantages? Which opportunities can it open up?

Marine Aquaponics is an evolution of Aquaponics, not so practiced yet. Basically only research teams of Universities and Aquaculture facilities are testing its potentials. But they are scattered around the world.

Particularly in Northern Europe. Where Aquaculture companies use Shallow Raceway System (SRS). And some of these businesses has already foreseen the potential of integrating Saltwater Aquaponics with SRS. As a matter of fact an integration of this kind could improve the production capacity of this system, thanks to 90% reduction of the water exchange. And consequently, improved controlled conditions to prevent the presence of pathogens inside fish tanks.

Indeed the SRS is a specialized type of RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System). Essentially, it’s a vertical system that consists of tanks (up to 10) superimposed. And its common use  mainly consists in rearing flatfish (sole and turbot). But it could increase the production of European lobsters, as well. Since both these species are easy to rear even in low volume of water.

So, in this lesson of our Aquaponics Manual we share with you our know-how on this peculiar type of Aquaponics. Indeed we start from the 3-year trial we had carried out as our former company (AquaGuide) in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Marche. Since the opportunities still unexplored are many. Especially in urban areas, where this system could allow a sea fish production inside cities.   






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Davide Di Crescenzo subDavide Di Crescenzo is a marine biologist and an international Aquaponics expert who aims to share his 9-year expertise in the field.

He worked as consultant and official speaker for FAO to foster a sustainable development of Eastern Countries.

  • PASSIONdissemination of scientific knowledge 
  • ROLE MODEL: Jacques Cousteau, Elon Musk, Tesla, Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking
  • MISSION: building a Noah’s ark of knowledge

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