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Our first aquaponic greenhouse is almost ready!

Finally this weekend we moved our rooftop systems into the first aquaponic greenhouse of our work-in-progress Aquaponics training center in the countryside of Tuscany. The koi carps and Turkish crayfish that we have been raising since last summer safely arrived, without no losses at all during the 6-hour journey from Falconara Marittima to Porto Santo Stefano. In conclusion it was a success in all respects!

Yet, there is still one rooftop aquaponic system to move. Because now it hosts three females of Turkish crayfish with their juveniles. Hence we preferred not to put them under stress. Consequently risking to lose them because of the cannibalistic nature of crayfish in high density conditions and little space.

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In addition, we decided also to not move the two crawfish (Procambarus clarkii) we have. In such a way to avoid that the Turkish crayfish came into strict contact with them. Since there is always a risk that they are carriers of the crayfish plague (Aphanomyces astaci). In fact, this is a fungus the Louisiana red crayfish are resistant to, whereas the crayfish of the Mediterranean regions are very sensitive to. And actually at the moment it doesn’t exist a treatment yet.

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So, now it’s my turn to raise the vulnerable juveniles in their growth. Indeed, it’s crucial at this early stage to pay much attention to the different phases of their development. Since it’s all a matter of time that the mothers shift from the maternal role to the cannibalistic attitude. This usually occurs when the juveniles gets their autonomy. And they don’t take anymore shelter on the abdomen of the female. At the same time as they grow they needs artificial shelters where each one of them can hide into. In such a way to prevent intraspecific fight between them.

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