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Lesson 6: Plants to grow in Aquaponics for a niche-market demand

A production of the most expensive plants will satisfy the increasing niche-market demand of culinary excellence.

In fact, currently Aquaponics is mainly used to grow leafy greens and common veggies. In other words, most of the production of commercial-scale aquaponic facilities around the world includes few types of vegetables. While with the amazing yields attainable in Aquaponics, farming the most expensive plants is a way to guarantee much more consistent incomes. 

For instance, saffron. Since whether the yield obtainable on farmland is 1 gram per square meter, in Aquaponics the harvest is 3 grams fro square meter.

Furthermore, if you carry out the production indoor you can harvest more times, keeping stable the right environmental conditions, instead of only 1 time throughout the year.

Most noteworthy, you’ll get a higher profit margin than in conventional agriculture substantially reducing the fixed costs of skilled labour. Just as much as the risk of crop loss.

But this is only an example among the many high-valued plants that we outline in this lesson of our Aquaponics Manual. Because you can really open up a wide range of opportunities starting an aquaponic activity addressed to a niche-market demand.

Industrial hemp aquaponics



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Davide Di Crescenzo is a marine biologist and an international Aquaponics expert who aims to share his 9-year expertise in the field. He worked as consultant and official speaker for FAO to foster a sustainable development of Eastern Countries.

  • PASSIONdissemination of scientific knowledge 
  • ROLE MODEL: Jacques Cousteau, Elon Musk, Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla.
  • MISSION: building a Noah’s ark of knowledge

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