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I love The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien. In fact as you can notice that the name of our Aquaponics training center is inspired by the haven of the Elves, Rivendell. Here the Fellowship of the Ring gathers for the first time and starts its journey to defeat Sauron.

I feel like a little hobbit striving for a fairer world. Almost none expects from me to be able to attain this feat. Me either. Especially in these days when several threats are over me and my family.

Considered that last week the former partner of my parents’ company has sued me and my father for scam. Because he claims my father’s know how on Aquaponics for himself. Despite the fact that he’s neither a biologist or ever ran an aquaponic system. Now our lawyer is handling the matter.

Nevertheless, it has been a low blow against us. Particularly at this time when we’re struggling to start out this new company with almost no capital at all. The only bright spot is the network of friends we’ve been growing throughout this tough year. Besides our relatives who are showing their support to us too. Fully reflecting the purpose of My Rivendell, that aims to be an haven for committed Dreamers. Same as its fictional counterpart.

In other words, I founded My Rivendell to bring together people who firmly believe in making a difference through the spreading of knowledge on Aquaponics. And so unlocking its full potential and all the opportunities that it can open up both in economical and lifestyle terms. By now, it seems to me quite impossible to introduce this innovation in my country. Although I’m sure that it could be a resource to create jobs and improve the situation of several families.

This is the time to gather together and raise a fairer future for everyone. Not to fight between each other and surrender to hatred and desperation.

Fellowship of My Rivendell

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