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The future of farming turns pink!


Women empowerment: A female farming revolution

One month ago I was interviewed by this wonderful woman who founded a magazine for women empowerment, Ownit. It was a great honor to me. Because I had the chance of calling other women to step in the female farming revolution.

If you want to listen the recording, please click here and go to page 13.

Indeed with our creativity to overcome the barriers on our path, we’re reshaping this field.

And I’m not the only one who is noticing the potential of this resilient attitude that distinguishes us.In fact IAASTD recognizes in this process of feminisation of agriculture “the biggest potential for innovation in order to achieve its goals of sustainability and development“. Same as FAO foresees in the closing of the gender gap the most effective way to fight hunger and poverty.

Furthermore the number of female-headed smallholdings has been increasing in these years all over the world.

In Italy the unemployment rate is increasing, particularly among women. In fact the data show a huge gap in the labour market with 67,1% of employed men compared to just 46,8% of employed women. So what if we give  to these women access to the know how required for starting out an agri-business?

In other words nowadays it doesn’t exist anymore only one way of farming. You don’t need to own acres/hectares of farmland and all the equipment and machinery of conventional agriculture to set up a profitable smallholding. And ever more women are proving it. For instance yesterday I read some articles about Canadian female farmers who are revolutionizing this sector with their creativity. Same as many other female farmers around the world, they’re compensating the lack of resources with smart solutions. Like vertical systems to improve the production within small crop area. Or regenerating dismissed urban garden for farming.

These are just few examples, but they show us as innovation comes from small actions to fulfill a necessity and creatively solve problems.

Undoubtedly the future of farming is pink!





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