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Lesson 6.1: Crops to grow for a local market


 Grains and Legumes (i.e.soybean) you can farm in Aquaponics

Meet the increasing demand of high nutritional quality food.

The agriculture industry is attending a rising demand in wild and specialty grains varieties, besides soybean and sprouts. In fact, customers all over the world are ever more concerned about the nutritional quality of the food products they purchase. Partly due to the spread of food allergies and sensitivities. And also because of dietary trends that promote healthier lifestyles. In short, the organic, macrobiotic, vegan markets are booming and this is a huge opportunity to seize. Especially since on the other side the competition with the food supply import from Developing countries is harsh. Same as with the mass distribution that purchase smallholder farmers’ products at increasing lower prices.

So, a tips to beat the international competition is to add value to your products. That is to say investing on a local production that guarantees food safety for the communities nearby your Aquaponics business. This choice will be surely rewarded in terms of profitability. Considered that grains consumption represent the 50% of world daily caloric intake. While the global soy protein market is gaining traction and is expected to reach USD 5,888.4 million by 2022. Same as other legumes that are part of high-protein and vegan diets.

In conclusion, in this lesson of our Aquaponics Manual we outline the features of this type of production. Besides the yields attainable in Aquaponics for each plant and the factors to take into account both in terms of market and farming issues. Since know how and market analysis are the keys for a successful commercial activity! 

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Davide Di Crescenzo subDavide Di Crescenzo is a marine biologist and an international Aquaponics expert who aims to share his 9-year expertise in the field.

He worked as consultant and official speaker for FAO to foster a sustainable development of Eastern Countries.

  • PASSIONdissemination of scientific knowledge 
  • ROLE MODEL: Jacques Cousteau, Elon Musk, Tesla, Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking
  • MISSION: building a Noah’s ark of knowledge



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