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I am opposing a social order in which it is possible for one man who does absolutely nothing that is useful to amass a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, while millions of men and women who work all the days of their lives secure barely enough for a wretched existence. – Eugene V. Debs

How much are we just the synthetic fruit of our age? Rather than the revolutionaries shaped by our crucial choices who we pretend to be.

I was born in 1992 and that makes me a fully-fledged Millennial. I had grown in step with the high-tech developments. So mine as my fellow peers’ has never been a self-paced progress of maturation. We have been attending since the tender age such a fast-changing, volatile reality. It has never existed a paradigm that has been remained a pillar of our lifestyle. Same as steady principles or pure passions that drive our lifelong choices.

Just look at our modern heroes with the only worthiness of the absurd amount of money they have collected!

No matter whatever they had reached this success upon the sacrifices of other people’s lives. Or/and scamming whole countries.

The American dream is currently a global aspiration. Everyone of us yearns to take part to that 1% of hyper-successful and preposterously rich people, who are the modern kings of our planet. In fact the net is plenty of recipes and formulas on “how to” get to the top of the Olympus where these demigods gather and decide the fates of us, poor humans. But little importance is given to the value that your idea, project or story can concretely add to everyone’s daily life. First and foremost, yours.

When I was child I dreamed of travelling around the world telling of the hidden and less-known lives that inhabit our planet. Certainly, I didn’t expect to spend my days fattening my ass on a chair in front of a screen. Since I consider this attitude a real waste of my lifetime. Seneca in his “On the shortness of life” (De brevitate vitae) states: People are frugal in guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes to squandering time they are most wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy.

We want to earn enough money as assurance of an happy and quiet life. Even though to reach this goal we spend our precious time struggling.



Wouldn’t it be better to follow our heart since the beginning, without wandering amid the desires of a blind society? Investing in ourselves and our dreams instead of chasing today’s chimeras? Such as fame besides vast wealth.

We suffer for these obsessions for a global approval of our worthiness as heroes of our own saga. But we risk to resemble a Smaug (the greedy dragon that invaded the Dwarf kingdom – “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien) or a Gollum (an hobbit corrupted by the One Ring – “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of The Rings” by J.R.R.Tolkien).

Often I feel miserable and inadequate to succeed, because I hate to devote my time to the seek for the attention of strangers on the net. I believe so much in my project and I want to attain it as soon as possible. And so I need to enhance visibility traction on my website. But at the same time I can’t deny the impression of screaming in the night. Even if step by step I’m achieving my milestones. For instance on Thursday Pacific time 6.30 p.m. (Italy time Friday 3.30 a.m.) I’ll attend a talk on Potent Ponics‘ Growing with fishes podcast.

Nevertheless I don’t aim to get my contents viral. I sincerely just want that my work reach the people who like me are hungry of detailed data. Especially whoever uses to surf on the net looking for anyone with whom engage a constructive discussion or even a debate. Since although I’m keeping updated on the global situation of farming, it’s obvious that I have a direct experience only of the Italian farmers’ issue. So of course an exchange of opinions and thoughts would enrich my perspective on the matter.

But at the moment I receive mostly emails of support – ever appreciated – and messages by other social impact entrepreneurs who try to sell me their services. It’s not a big deal but it bothers me that they conceal their attempt with a fake interest in my project. Same as it happened with the crowdfunding platform that contacted me for launching My Rivendell’s campaign. I can’t stand this kind of marketing strategy.

If you want to sell me something, just say it! And we will find an arrangement. But, please, don’t pretend you really care about my dream. Because it’s obvious you don’t. If your interest was truthful, you would have asked me different questions, like “Why have you made this choice?” and not always “How is it going?”.

This is exactly the attitude that pisses me off. Everyone merely looks at the results and not at the reasons underlying the choices each one of us does.

Considered that the outcomes of our choices change over time, while the purposes that drive our actions should remain steady. 

All that matters and we should enjoy is the journey and not the destination. But we concentrate all our energy worrying about a future that we can’t be sure to live.

 “You act like mortals in all that you fear, and like immortals in all that you desire” ― SenecaOn the Shortness of Life

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