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Leaving the past behind

The Art of moving on

Often the missing piece of your puzzling self is hidden under a pile of memories. And the only way to reach it is to throw away everything of yours that you doesn’t need anymore.

Aquaponics training center-moving

I’m literally moving on. In fact I’m leaving the apartment and the region where my family have lived for the last 9 years to join my parents in Tuscany. By the 17th of June I’ll bid farewell to this past version of me. Besides I’m busy with the lawsuit and the unavoidable tension with the householder (I’m starting to deem that this is a peculiar Italian pattern). So, as of now I apologize for the delays in the updating of the site’s pages, included the Aquaponics Manual. Unfortunately, it little depends on me. But as I said it’s just a matter of a pair of weeks while I’m moving my stuff and animals in our cottage.

Nevertheless today I have many news to share with you.

First of all, on Friday morning 3 a.m. (Thursday evening 6 p.m. in the Pacific area) I attended Growing with fishes live podcast recording. I was invited to provide an insight of the current situation of Aquaponics in Europe and particularly in Italy. Moreover I explained the purpose of our Aquaponics Manual and why we focus our attention on niche-market and high profitable crops and fish/crustacean species instead of the most commonly ones farmed in Aquaponics. (If you want to listen to my speech, please click here >>)

Then, I’d like to update you on the growth of the juveniles of Turkish crayfish, that we saw a pair of weeks ago still on the their mummies’abdomen. Probably because of the sudden temperature fluctuations we lost slightly more than half of the juveniles overnight. Indeed this life cycle stage is very critical. Since they are hyperactive and therefore highly sensitive to all kinds of variation of the environmental parameters.

And of course at My Rivendell we’re always going to rear both crayfish and fish inside greenhouses, exactly to prevent these types of accidents.

But currently the trip can prove to be too stressful for the juveniles to go through.

Other exciting news include the surprise of two further small investors. And I swear that I’m so grateful to them because of their trust in us and our vision. Especially after all the troubles that we have been tackling throughout this year. It’s really amazing to feel supported by a firm social network. I can easily admit that attaining this feat without the help of all the people who have been cheering for us would be quite impossible.

This is pretty a reward for being honest people. And I’m aware that mine is a paradoxical statement considered the lawsuit for scam against my father and I. But in Italy it’s pretty common for a thief sues his victims for theft. That is to say add insult to injury. Most of our friends and acquaintances had already experienced on their own this kind of national script with company’s partners. In Italy the honest people, use to fear much more the justice rather than delinquents. Ours is a country plenty of paradoxes.

However true relationships make a big deal of difference in this kind of situation.

Indeed the last weekend My Rivendell welcomed new visitors! They were so excited to see the developments of our Aquaponics training center. And breathe the quiet and clean air of the Tuscany countryside. They also are committed in pioneering the Aquaculture sector. We sincerely hope to collaborate with them soon. As well as with any committed Dreamer with a strong vision to share with us. (If you want to get in touch with us, please click here >>)

Aquaponics training center-moving


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