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Day 1

Fresh start

Fresh start - Aquaponics training center

After so many troubles and a stressful moving, finally I’m ready for a fresh start in our Aquaponics training center in Tuscany.

As a matter of fact it has been really hard for me not update the website, especially the contents of our Aquaponics Manual and for this failing in my duty I sincerely apologize with all the Premium Members. Unfortunately I couldn’t act differently.

However in these weeks I’m going to make up for lost time.

Therefore from today onwards I’d like to share with you my new daily routine at My Rivendell.

Where of course Aquaponics is our core activity, though we integrate it with other organic farming practices. One of which is the fruit production. In fact our farmland is plenty of 20-year fruit trees that are naturally highly productive. Therefore, the workload required is concentrated merely in the harvest stage.




So today, first thing in the morning I collected all the sour cherries. I removed the stones and after washing the fruits I made a jam, according to an Italian traditional recipe.



I also washed the stones and put them on a paper towel outside under the gazebo for some hours to let them dry. Ultimately I put them in the oven for 20 minutes at the temperature of 100 °C (212°F) to complete the process of desiccation. In fact the cherries stones are highly sensitive to mold.


Now I’m here working on my laptop under the gazebo in front of our first aquaponic greenhouse. The sun sets behind the hill. I’m drunken by the perfume of jasmines. My puppy barks at the dogs of the neighbors. I listen to the running of water in the aquaponic systems. And everything seems so quiet and perfect.

In these weeks I had no chance to show you how much the light and the right temperature conditions have affected the growth of the veggies for the best.

Especially the size of the leaves of basil, zucchini and melon is thrillingly impressive despite the fact that we have not the maximum density of fish and crayfish stocked in the systems yet.




On Wednesday we’ll receive other fish to raise and unleash the full productive potential of our systems. Moreover we’re planning to convert soon the aquaponic pool in a Bumina dan Yumina.

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