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Day 2

A modern farmer’s purpose: preserve the Italian traditional lifestyle

It’s a great deal of responsibility to me as modern farmer strive to restore the Italian traditional lifestyle through innovative farming practices as Aquaponics.¬†

Though the farm of my family own has less than a hectare of arable land because of the undergrowth that surrounds it, there is so much work to do. Especially in this season of the year.

In the countryside the daily routine is completely different. Since the weather conditions mark the pace of the day. As much as the maturation of the plants and fruit trees you grow. So the best moment throughout the day to harvest fruits, seeds and veggies is morning. Same as for the activities of gardening and management of the dry or damaged woods.

In fact today my father and I set with good will to collect the seeds from our cherries trees and cut the branches and the trunk broken by the wind. Because unfortunately it has been a rainy year and many fruits had no time to get the natural seasonal harvesting size. Thus the production is lower than the previous years.


Nevertheless I experienced the excitement of climbing our Apricot tree to collect a full baskets of delicious apricots. While my dog enjoyed helping us running after the fruits that fell and rolled down the slope.

I also harvested the late-growing and last artichokes, that are a food specialty of this area. While the remaining plants are blooming as breath-taking purple flowers. And my hands remained stained in their sweet flavor.

Now my father is preparing the aquaponic systems and other tanks for the arrival of the new fish and crayfish. We’ll get them tomorrow morning.

Whereas after having finished to write this blog post, I’m going to complete the making of the pesto. Indeed¬† yesterday night I harvested the biggest leaves of the basil grown in our aquaponic systems and crushed the basil to get a little bit of a head start today. Thus later I must just add the other ingredients mix them together.




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