Aquaponics Farm – an haven for committed Dreamers

Day 4 & 5

Learning to enjoy every day


I’m acknowledging that the most hard feat to attain is learning to enjoy every day.

I’m a citizen by birth and thus I’m so used to be tangled up in the so-called “rat race”. Whereas now I got the chance to slow down and experience the living quiet of the countryside. And I admit that I’m a little afraid of it. Probably because the rest of the world is running forward and I’m worried to be left behind. Or rather to not have a playing role in the global dramatic events that are occurring.

It’s a weird feeling spending my time cooking, gardening and managing our aquaponic systems.


Working hard but without rush to produce food and restore the beauty of this haven.

It’s like a complete breaking of the society rules. I feel almost guilty for taking this time to enjoy every moment and experience the natural life cycle.

Being here in the present moment without the eagerness of getting anywhere else. Just with the vision in my mind of sowing a brighter future both for the people I love.


Probably it’s kind of an utopian project, considered the sinister turn not only Italy is taking.

But I want to believe that my humble dream can make a difference. Even if merely in some small way. So that every daily activities takes on meaning in the light of the ultimate purpose. In other words, I’m learning to give the right importance to traditional practices that the fast-paced modern world have stripped of their inner value.

In such a way that the making of the apricot compote or the artichoke soup gains the significance of a rite. A small vow of commitment to restore the traditional lifestyle principles of this country that I reiterate everyday.








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