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Day 6 & 7

Ode to Italian conviviality

My Rivendell farm welcomed a merry fellowship of medicinal plants hunters for the sake of Italian conviviality during the Feast Day of Saint John. 

Six of them together with the two promoters of the event got here on Saint John’s Eve. Ready to prepare the ritual purification for the next day.

That according to the ancient tradition consists of a bowl of water with the summer medicinal plants left all the night under the moonlight. So that collects the first dew of the dawn. 

Italian-conviviality- medicinal-herbs-St John-Feast-Day

Then on 24th June everyone drink such tonic. In way to purify body and mind.

Italian-conviviality-St John-Feast-Day-celebration

On Sunday the other thirteen participants arrived at My Rivendell eager to  seek for St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) and helichrysum (Helicrysum italicum).  As well as to cherish together an interlude of Italian conviviality in the lush landscape of Tuscany’s countryside.

As well as to get in touch for the first time with Aquaponics and its production potential. And as a matter of fact they remained really dazzled by this farming innovation. Especially in this area where water is scarce and we’re dependent mostly on the rainfall rate.

To such an extent that except our homemade jams, plums and wild pears, we couldn’t offer them anything else produced on our farmland. Indeed because of the lack of optimal weather conditions some fruits are ripening up late. While others, like the prune trees aren’t produced anything yet.

This is a severe situation for the farmers of this region. That is as much resulting as to a change in the appearance of the landscape. Even for what concerns the wild plants.

After all the St John’s wort is already quite disappeared on the Argentario’s Promontory. Probably the cause of that has been the sudden rise of temperature for the last few weeks.


And for me this is all the more reason to grow these typical plants in Aquaponics. Ever in the perspective of the Italian biodiversity conservation through innovation. Both in terms of flora and traditional uses of it.

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