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Zucchini and Squash blossom grown in Aquaponics

So, I’m very proud of these zucchini and squash blossom grown in Aquaponics. As a matter of fact, it’s not a big deal getting these results with this farming method.

Even if I found out that zucchini is highly sensitive to an excessive concentration of nitrogen. Unlikely most of the plants that are voracious of nitrates.

Hence if you grow in an aquaponics system only zucchini you can tackle this nutrient requirement either increasing the plant density inside the growbed or stock a lower amount of fish inside the tank.

But in our case, we had little room to work on the water parameters because we’re implementing a sort of aquaponics orchard. In other words, ever from the perspective of unleashing the full potential of Aquaponics, we chose to focus on polyculture. Considered that this is one of the advantages of this farming practice. Of course, it would be easier growing only one type of crop. (Especially if it’s a low-nutrient-requirement veggie like lettuce!) Because in such a way you have not to deal with different needs in terms of environmental parameters for an optimal vegetable growth.

Nevertheless our zucchini and squash blossom grown in Aquaponics showed a gradual yellowing of the upper extremity of the body. 

In other words, the symptom of an excessive fertilisation of the veggies.


A possible solution consisted of changing an half of the water tank in order to reduce the nitrates concentration. But we risked to damage the other plants inside the growbed. Thus, we decided to improve the plant density, introducing other fruit seedlings that usually absorb a big deal of nutrients during their ripening stage.

It took a pair of weeks to work. In the meantime we cut the damaged zucchini. In such a way to boost the flow of nutrients towards the smallest zucchini and squash blossom.

And at the end, these are the wonderful results. Every week we are harvesting ever more Squash blossoms that I use to fry.

While the zucchini are quite ready to be collected.

Another problem we have to deal growing zucchini in Aquaponics is the huge size of the leaves. In fact, the plants tend to bend and deform under their weight. So, one of our daily activities for the management of our aquaponics systems consists in cutting these leaves. Also because they cast a shadow upon the other veggies. However, this is a trick to stimulate the ripening of the zucchini and  squash blossom as well.


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