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Off-season Goldfish fry


Since good arises out of bad, the off-season birth of this Sarasa Goldfish fry is quite exceptional. Especially considered that we’ve lost for a pair of weeks most of the fish just purchased being affected by a nitrite poisoning together with the Branchiomycosis (gill rot).

In fact, some weeks ago I told you in my blog post “Day 9 & 10” how accidentally happened that adding cold water to the aquaponics pool, we triggered the mating behaviour of the Sarasa Goldfish. Thus they spawned the eggs on the leaves of a stem we introduced in the tank to collect them. But we couldn’t be sure they were actually fertilized. My father wasn’t so optimistic at this chance, because as a matter of fact Goldfish breeds in Spring. However at the end the miracle happened and after four days the eggs hatched.

Then, for the following two days the tiny fry survived on their yolk sac reserves. In the meantime we prepared the meals of infusorians that we have given them three times a day since the day they weren’t anymore self-reliant.  These infusorians are any of a heterogeneous group of minute organisms that develop themselves in water with decomposing matter. In this case we used boiled lettuce and potatos left in a bottle full of water in an illuminated area. But not under direct sunlight.

Green water - infusorians to feed fry fish

Now that they are more than two weeks old, we are gradually gettting the Goldfish fry used to  powered fish feed.  So, we are alternating it with infusorians.

Goldfish fry

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