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Reaching the full maturation of our aquaponics grow beds


In 4 months we’ll get the full maturation of our aquaponics grow beds. It means that the populations of beneficial bacteria will colonize the whole area of the substrate. In contrast to the current early stage when they settled just on some portion of the expandable clay inside our grow beds.

In fact, we implemented our Aquaponics facility on May. And usually   to unleash the full potential in terms of production capacity it takes 6 months.

Actually, at this early stage the most suitable crops to grow are the leafy greens. Because these crops have low nutrient requirements. In other words, they show an amazing growth even when the farming conditions aren’t optimal.

Nevertheless, we chose to farm fruit and berry plants, such as: eggplant, tomato, friggitello, strawberry, melon and zucchini.

Therefore, the ripening process of the seedlings we planted this month is slowed down by the lack of enough becteria in our grow beds.

Particularly if compared with the results of our DIY aquaponics system in our second greenhouse. Indeed, despite its latest activation we’ve already got some harvest many times. Since in this aquaponics system we’re growing lettuce, chard and parsley.

Furthermore, we’re still dealing with the stocking of new entry. Besides the outbreak of the fungi infection carried by the Sarasa Goldfish we purchased. And that we were able to confine only emptying out our third DIY aquaponics system.

Nonetheless, I’m proud of the fruits that are ripening and the flowers that are sprouting. Even if, we’ve already lost two bigger melons. But luckily there are many more growing.

We have enough patience to wait for the attainment of the full maturation of our aquaponics grow beds.

In the meantime, we seize it as an opportunity to try out the potential of this innovative farming method in suboptimal conditions.

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