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Farming the Saffron crocus in Aquaponics

Which are the competitive advantages of farming the Saffron Crocus in Aquaponics?

First of all, we can produce 3 g of saffron per square meter compared to 1 g per square meter attainable in conventional farming practices! 

Saffron-Aquaponics-expensive-plants-farming the Saffron Crocus in Aquaponics

In other words, we can improve the density of the bulbs planted per square meter. This is due to the abundance and constant availability of nutrients in the water.  And this means that the plants don’t compete between each other for nutrients. Thus, the roots don’t grow sideways and you can leave just 1 cm between a bulb and another one.

This is a crucial competitive advantage of this type of production considered that saffron is the highest-priced spice. (Check its market price per kilo >>)

According to the trials Davide Di Crescenzo has carried out for 9 years, Aquaponics guarantees an high-quality saffron as end product. These results were substatiated by laboratories for analysis that examined some samples of that precious production.


Are you planning to start an Aquaponics production of saffron?

Attend our workshops >>

We’ll show you how to build a DIY modular aquaponics system that guarantees the scalability of your business.

Most noteworthy, we’ll share with you the tricks to get a successful production of saffron in Aquaponics. And you’ll see and taste the results of these simple rules directly at our Aquaponics facility.

In fact, we devoted four weekends for our workshops on the farming of the Saffron Crocus in Aquaponics. Since these dates coincide with the time of blossoming of the saffron flowers and the harvesting of the threads.

We planted the first bulbs earlier this month, assisted by a trainee who attended our 1-week workshop.

farming the Saffron Crocus in Aquaponics

We had purposely built our fourth DIY aquaponics system integrating the deep water system design with the floating raft one. In such a way to compare the advantages and disadvantages of these system designs.

If you want to get further information please get in touch with us >>>

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