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Made in Italy, Shrimpponics Ecojars

The last month we worked on our made in Italy, handcrafted, shrimpponics ecojars.

As a matter of fact, for almost 9 years I’ve been trying to find a DIY design for a mini self-sustaining aquatic ecosystem. Something that could effectively work and not just for the time-span of a picture to take. Such as, for instance the Aquaponics jar with one Betta splendens and one plant, which went viral in these years.

In fact, for any aquarium enthusiast and aquaponist is clear that this type of design has technical problems. In other words, a lack of aeration of the roots of the plant. As well as the impossibility of feeding the fish without lifiting the plant and consequently putting it under great stress. Furthermore, one fish can’t produce enough nutrients to sustain one plant.

So, I’ve kept thinking over and over again this issue, when finally a month ago I got the idea.

Maybe the longed-for solution I’ve been looking for consisted in shrimps (Neocaridina davidi) and aquatic plants.

Since the main goal of my project has always been to recreate a micro aquatic world that anyone could keep in one’s apartment or at one’s desk in the office. In short, an aquarium light and easy to move and manage. Perfect for anyone who has little time to spend on taking care of living creatures, but needs a glimpse of nature in one’s daily routine.  

Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough. I aimed to send a message to the customers through my Ecojars.  A rough sketch of a dream that grows as one with the entire mini aquatic ecosystem.




Handcrafted, made in Italy Ecojar _A parenthesis of love_

Therefore, being passionate of papier-mache, I chose this traditional art form to shape it. And this month I made with the my father’s expert know-how these first made in Italy, shrimpponics Ecojars.

Basically we’re talking about closed-loop systems based on the sysnergy between shrimps, plants and nitrifying bacteria. Exactly as it works in Aquaponics, but with aquatic plants and freshwater snails.

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