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Our miraculous Summer harvest!

Aquaponics chronicles

This blog post is about the chronicles of these first months working in our ever-in-progress Aquaponics facility.

I must be sincere with you, it hasn’t been easy and absolutely not because of issues related with our DIY systems.

Unfortunately, these are hard times for my family. And it’s quite a challenge to take up with every bad news we’re getting almost everyday. We received the last one on the last Tuesday. A motorcyclist hit my aunt and now she’s comatose.

This is the reason why we had to cancel the first dates of our Workshop on the Production of Saffron in Aquaponics >>

Nevertheless, Life doesn’t stop in front of the tragedies. Likewise, we had to carry out the daily management activities of our aquaponics systems. Actually, I did while my parents were in Rome for taking care of my grandmother’s interests.

And the truth is that this commitment of mine to our Aquaponics training center is becoming a sort of lifeline for me. Since, it forces me to focus my energy on the excitement for all the lives that are growing before my eyes. Instead of getting myself overwhelmed by anger, grief and fear.

I’m attending the infancy of our Aquaponics facility. And each time I notice some improvements in its productivity, they amaze me. Like, today for the last ripening Tomatoes Pachino we farmed on the floating rafts in our third DIY Aquaponics system. They are much bigger than all the others we previously harvested.  The same was for the last Melons we harvested in our second aquaponics system.

The reason for these results is the early maturation stage of our aquaponics systems. In fact, in Striving the abundance in Aquaponics, I pointed out and explained how much time the full maturation of the system usually requires.

So, it’s been quite a surprise when we harvested the first Melons, Eggplants, Tomatoes Pachino and Topepo and Chili Peppers. Even more, when we noticed that each fruit harvested was bigger than the previous ones. That is to say that the nitrifying bacteria have been increasing in the number throughout the substrate. Consequently improving its conversion capacity.

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