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Female fingers in Aquaponics

Farming flowers in Aquaponics,  why not?

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Around ten years ago, my father had this insight of farming flowers in Aquaponics. Even if he focused only on the Saffron Crocus, being saffron one of the most expensive spice on the market.


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When I stepped in the family business, I extended this intuition of him. In fact, I see in Aquaponics a solution to farm miniature functional gardens in backyards or inside apartments, as well. In other words, it’s attainable to benefit from both the productive and ornamental potential of Aquaponics. But how?   

Flowers in Aquaponics

Many spices that are usually in our kitchens come from wonderful flowers. Besides saffron, other examples are turmeric, ginger and vanilla. This latter belongs to the Orchidaceae.

Of course, I imagine this kind of produce mostly addressed to female users. And this is the point I’d like to focus on, since I think here is the main reason why Aquaponics is still a niche farming practice. That is to say that most frequently the Aquaponics operators are men. Thus, they don’t fully understand the key role of women as target customers in the wide dissemination of Aquaponics. Whereas actually the final consumers of the food production are still women in the largest percentage. So, the question I asked to myself was: “What are the needs of a nowadays woman?

Hence, I thought to all the women I know and even to the cooking shows that currently gained so much success. And I bet that the key to get Aquaponics known by a  larger audience is to use it both for a productive and ornamental aim. In short, most of women nowadays have little time to take care of the flowers that beautifies their apartments. Moreover, they frequently have to move into new and almost always smaller apartments. Therefore, they need easy and DIY furniture solutions for a cosy and domesticated home. In short, miniature indoor gardens to bring their piece of heaven with them in every situation and conditions. And that in the meantime allow them to organically produce highly expensive spices that they can use for their sweet homemade dishes.


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