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Farming in the time of Climate Change

What’s the main quality of a good aquaponist? a resilient attitude.

by Davide Di Crescenzo

In the time of Climate Change, a resilient attitude is crucial for any modern and innovative farmer.

This is a truth I’ve been learning since I committed myself to the dissemination of the Aquaponics know how. Especially this year, that we had to tackle with several extreme weather events. 

The last one occurred exactly on Monday 29th October. In fact, our first greenhouse was hit by a strong windstorm with the result of damaging it and our three aquaponics systems. Nevertheless, overall the set up of the whole facility proved to be resistant and easily repairable. In fact, considered the extent of the damages that this windstorm has caused along the coast throughout either Toscana and Lazio,  the design I adopted for the implementation of our greenhouses showed its climate resilience.

After all, in just one week we were able to fix the damages both to the aquaponics systems and to the greenhouse. Besides, I seized the opportunity to reinforce the structure of the greenhouse with iron bars and cables used as tensioners. In such a way to prevent that the wind kept exerting pressure on the left side of the greenhouse. Because this inclination caused the displacement of the grow beds of the third DIY aquaponics system. While the weight of the grow bed of our first aquaponics system was crusching on the fish tank.

Therefore, I had to move the Walking catfish from it into our third one. Despite the fact that this fish species is really aggressive and territorial, whereas Goldfish and Koi carps are gregarious fish.

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This is the reason why a week later we moved them into our fourth DIY aquaponics system.  So, we had to move our oldest Yabbies and a Redclaw from it into the last DIY aquaponics system we built with one of our trainees during the Workshop on the production of Saffron in Aquaponics.

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This is just an example of the resilient attitude that is crucial for the success of an Aquaponics facility. And I’m telling you this experience of mine because I want to be earnest on the setbacks of this business activity. Even if you have an established expertise in this field. Of course, it’s harder for a beginner or whoever has a little experience in Aquaponics.

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But it doesn’t mean you have to give your dream up. Since you can easily learn how to tackle these exceptional challenges due to the Climate Change in your farming activity.

It’s just a matter of the purpose that it’s driving you and how much you believe in your project.






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