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But in the end…what’s My Rivendell?


For all these months I’ve been crafting My Rivendell as a dream kiln.

Frankly, I started this business adventure with a clear plan to follow as cornerstone. In other words, I did exactly know the services I was going to provide and the goals I aimed to achieve in a certain amount of time.

But, of course it was naive of me to believe that everything would have be gone according my plans. I mean, that just doesn’t happen.

Therefore, gradually I had been working on our offer of services to adapt it to the sudden, unpredictable conditions. Same as it happened two months ago when my aunt went into an irreversible coma. Or when a windstorm hit our first greenhouse and damaged three of our aquaponics systems.

In fact, besides all the temporary troubles of my family, the exceptional and extreme weather conditions of this year have put a strain on us.

Luckily, the climate-resilient devices we contrived reduced the extent of the damage. Whereas several local farmers lost most of their work.  As well as the large part of the Italian farmers, especially in the South (Italy).

This is the reason why I took the decision of integrating my 18-year passion for paper mache sculpting with Aquaponics in my Ecojars.


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Yet, when I moved here, on my family’s farmland, in mid-June I was looking for a revival of the Italian traditional lifestyle through the gifts of the land. And initially I focused my attention on a homemade, organically farmed food. But I’m not so passionate about cooking. Moreover, we would have been drowning in the bureaucracy sea of the food production and processing sectors.

Hence, I decided to bet the all project on the ornamental market.

Either for what concerns the fish and crayfish species we’re raising and the crops to grow in our Aquaponics facility.


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Furthermore, I started working on the driftwood from my family’s vineyard – when we used to farm the grape. Indeed, I use it as canvas of the tales my miniature, paper mache sculptures will tell you.


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In conclusion, if it’s true that I’m quite disappointed by the results that we didn’t achieve, yet. Mostly due to the political instability and economic collapse that Italy is going through, besides the individual carelessness.

Nevertheless, this time I’m sure of my choice.

My Rivendell Aquaponics facility is a dream klin for anybody is seeking for vocational training in Aquaponics. >>


1-Week Workshop

Price: €1500 per person includes (10% discount for groups of three or more) : board and lodging, training activities inside our Aquaponics greenhouses, tasting of the Aquaponics seasonal products, introduction into a community of Aquaponics experts and entrepreneurs.


As well as for whoever needs a daily reminder to dream. >>

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