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A merry christmas wish

Honestly, I’m not catholic. Yet, I’m eager to make a Merry Christmas wish. Since, I think that every occasion is good to promote a farming attitude, instead of the hatred that is plaguing our “civilized” Societies.

As many of you – who follow our activity, will already know – these are hard times for my family and I. The same as for thousands of Italian families who are tackling the consequences of the recession. Beside the criminal incompetence of our politicians.

Nonetheless, we’re holding our nerves. While, we draft the projects we’re going to carry out at My Rivendell’s farming haven. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit that the core business of our Aquaponics facility is slightly changed. In other words, from January 2019 we’ll start a restyling work of our Aquaponics greenhouses. Because, we’ll focus our attention on the aesthetic potential of this farming practice, instead of its productive capacity.

Actually, that this decision has been a gradual shift of perspective from my father’s to mine. In fact, as most of the male aquaponics experts, he mainly see the potential of this water-saving system in terms of productiveness. Whereas, I’m more interested in the application of its principles to recreate indoor and outdoor micro-ecosystems. As you can see form the self-cleaning Ecojars which at present are available on our Shop >>.

A pioneer – Self-cleaning Ecojar

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. ― Leonardo da Vinci

In other words, I conceive Aquaponics as an opportunity to let my imagination run wild. In such a way to craft some sort of zen and fairy gardens, even inside our greenhouses. Since, I want to test the attractiveness of this farming method from a a tourism point of view. Also because, when the purpose that drove me in starting this business activity was broader than just the aquaponics field.

All we need is a place where to dream

Indeed, for the last 6 years I’ve been in love with the philosophy behind Rivendell, the fictional Elves’ haven in “The Lord of the Rings”. As a matter of fact, since I was child I’ve been looking for a place to take shelter into for some days. Particularly, when everything seemed so unbearable and I felt unable to tackle all the issues and troubles. Exactly as thousands of people are feeling nowadays in my Country and world-widely millions of us.

Therefore, the merry Christmas wish I make to you today in these hard times is: Grow it!  Whatever it is: plant, fish, dream, story, poem, love, passion, empathy….

A modern nativity scene – Artistic installation

There is so much destruction in this world,that choosing to have a farming attitude means rebelling ourselves against the cruel absurdity that drives the actions of our leaders.

In the end, this is what we’d like to inspire to the people who come visit our ever-in-progress haven >>.

Merry Christmas to you all, committed Dreamers!


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