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Farming as protest action

In the Age of wall builders, what can be more incisive of farming as protest action?

Once I read a Paulo Coelho’s quote on the possible attitudes that a person can take throughout one’s life. Each one of us can choose to build or to plant.

farming as protest action
Transplanting the bulbs of saffron from our 4th aquaponics system into the ground.

Unfortunately, most of our leaders are taking the first one. Probably, because it’s the easiest path. In fact, a farming attitude would mean to constantly grow a long-term solution of an issue, instead of just denying it and close the doors.

Many times, I feel powerless. I feel like a fisherman on a bottle who is drifting aimlessly in rough weather. I try to keep my attention focused on catching any fishy dream that is swimming into the deep water. And in the meantime, I hold myself on to the message that the bottle I sit on contains. Yet, I find myself wondering whether I shouldn’t be on a boat with other people rather than fishing alone. In other words, I’m worried of not being an active part of the History that we’re living through.

I think about Martin Luther King Jr.’s words:

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

I don’t want some day to look back at these years and think I’ve been silent. Especially when many other people’s lives are at stake, like ours.

Hope – Made in Italy paper mache sculpture on a driftwood craft

But it’s complicated to keep a balance between work and ethical values. Particularly because I’m one of the millions of people who’re struggling to come out of the recession that is get your Country down on its knees. Nonetheless, I couldn’t devote my time and skills for whatever job I don’t believe in.

Therefore, I decided to become a social impact entrepreneur.

Farming to dismantle walls

Honestly, at present my goals are smaller than at the beginning of this business adventure. Because I’ve become conscious and accepted my limits like when I was child and I finally resigned myself to learn to write the alphabet before writing like an adult. In fact, the truth is that I can’t attain bigger results before learning how to get the smaller milestones. Yet, gradually we’re achieving ever more goals. It’s only a matter of patience.

And this is exactly the skill that tells the farmer from the builder. In fact, this latter needs to touch straight away the profit of one’s actions. That is to say that a person with a building attitude see the reason of one’s activity only on the basis of its overnight outcome. So that if it doesn’t result in the planned upshot, it becomes meaningless. Actually, according to Paulo Coelho’s quote, this is the unavoidable end of any building project, even the most successful one.

In contrast to the gardening attitude that implies ever-evolving and growing projects, that require a constant attention on. Hence, the subject of this blog post: farming as protest action against the protectionist attitude of the global leaders. Indeed, everyone of us can fight against this ethical degradation, that is mirrored in our cities and countryside, just growing a sparkle of Beauty. We can’t dismantle the walls that separate us at once, but we can plant some seeds in the ground below them and wait for the roots to grow and weaken theme until they’ll fall alone.

Speaking of which, some years ago I watched a documentary about a Turkish immigrant who fiercely defended the garden he started near the Berlin Wall from any authorities who tried to take it away. This is precisely what I mean with farming as protest action. What image can be stronger of an immigrant man in a foreigner land who fights to free his garden from the absurdity of a border? His relatives are still taking care of the tree house and garden he created. In Berlin, it became a symbol.

In conclusion of this blog post, I’d like to include the story of the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado, who in 1998 started a project to replant the Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. Then, this one gave birth to the Instituto Terra.  

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