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Workshops at an Aquaponics farm

In two weeks we’ll start the Spring cycle of workshops at an Aquaponics farm.


Workshop at an Aquaponics farm

They consist of 19-hour or 49-hour full-immersion experience inside an Aquaponics farm’s daily management routine.

In other words, we lay emphasis on the practical side of the know how necessary to start and run a cost-effective Aquaponics facility.

Homemade fresh food for fish grown in our self-cleaning aquariums

Homemade live food for fish farmed in our grow bed

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In fact, as whatever other profession, theory doesn’t teach you how to actually make it work. Since it’s all a matter of practice.

And of course you may start practicing with a small-scale aquaponic system you built copying some project you found on the Net. As a matter of fact, it’s what everyone does. For sure, it’s a starting point. Nonetheless, it doesn’t apply to a far bigger-scale aquaponics system. As well as it may not give you the right indications for your specific project to implement in a particular region area.


Congratulations! You've taken the first step for your business success


In short, your know how can’t rely exclusively on the information you find freely online or on some book.

Actually most of the Aquaponics start ups all around the world fail in the first years because of this kind of OVERCONFIDENCE.

Meaning that they keep on going for trial and error until they run off money. Of course only few of them succeed thanks of the most disparate factors. But it’s like gambling. It’s not a long-term plan to rely on to get a steady income.

Anyway, you don’t need to have a PhD to implement and run an Aquaponics business. But it doesn’t mean a vocational training isn’t necessary. Even if it’s not part of any academic path of yours.

At the end it’s all a matter of COST-EFFECTIVENESS.

If you invest in increasing your know how on Aquaponics, you’ll spare money on the amount of fish/ crayfish and crops you’ll avoid to lose because of silly mistakes. The same applies to the costs of building and carrying out of your aquaponic systems.

You can’t imagine how many times we are contacted by people who have already spent a great deal of capital implementing over-complicated systems without knowing the basics of how to farm lettuces and fish. It’s really frustrating.


Spawning time

So, this is our main suggestion: don’t start investing in building and designing before you have all the fundamental know how to manage an Aquaponics facility. Since it’s like to waste a great deal of money for the promotion of a product you don’t know how to produce, yet.

At the same time, don’t wait either for your project to be funded or to design it.

It’s crucial to accumulate some experience in the field in advance.

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Because thanks to the huge availability of information on the Net, it’s much easier than you think your idea will be in few months obsolete. And I can assure you that DISTINCTIVENESS plays a key role in the success of your project.

Especially in the Aquaponics sector that is ever more becoming known throughout the world. And therefore the number of business competitors you’ll have to deal with is quite compelling.

Workhop at an Aquaponics farm


However, don’t worry you have still time to achieve the goals older businesses have already done.

Moreover, there are several niche market demands you can address your products or services to, they don’t have focused on.

Our smallest Koi carps

In fact, the largest part of the current Aquaponics businesses around the world produce the same fish species and veggies. Whereas, the potential of Aquaponics in terms of job opportunities is far wider.

Aquaculture Breeder Heat Pump Heater Tank Aquarium 90,000 BTU's

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For instance, why not farming crayfish either to satisfy an ornamental or edible market demand?

As you may have read in some of my previous articles, at My Rivendell Aquaponics Farm we focused on ornamental fish, crayfish snd shrimp species, as well as plants. Many time I’ve explained the reason of this choice.

Nevertheless, we farm Yabbies, catfish, veggies and strawberries as well for our own consumption.

Female Yabby – our oldest and biggest one

Sharptooth catfish

So that, attending one of our scheduled workshops at an Aquaponics farm we’ll introduce you to an all-round perspective on Aquaponics.


Furthermore, as I said before you’ll immediately test the theoretical know how we’ll provide you inside our Aquaponics facility. In such a way that you’ll get a concrete outcome of our tips and dates. Beside the basics of the global market analysis we’ve been doing far before I founded My Rivendell.

In fact, as perhaps you already know, our Scientific Director Davide Di Crescenzo is a marine biologist who had been working as consultant, trainer and researcher in Aquaponics for the last decade.

He’ll walk you in the opened field of opportunities of Aquaponics. Such as for example Marine Aquaponics he trialed with the Faculty of Biology in Ancona. As well as Yabbyponics, Shrimpponics and the breeding of Koi carps and Fancy Goldfish varieties in Aquaponics.

Hence, as you can see attending our workshops at an Aquaponics Farm will open you a wide range of possibilities to make your business strive.

Overall, it’ll help you to start a really DISTINCTIVE Aquaponics Farm in your Country. And I guarantee you that this kind of investment in your own expertise will immediately be repaid by amazing outcomes.

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