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So, after 10-months of hard word, we’re ready for the reproduction of our fish, crayfish and shrimps.

As a matter of fact, we’ve already been looking after the offspring of Goldfish, Guppy and Neocaridina shrimps in the previous month.

1-month Goldfish juveniles inside one of our Aquaponics aquariums

Moreover, now we have a pregnant Yabby, too.

That is among the 4 female Yabbies we moved with 2 males into a new tank for their mating. Considered that since Fall we’ve been raising them with the rest of the stock in an A.S.I.C.C. (Aquaponic system in Cages for Crayfish).


However, we chose the best same-sized specimens to breed. In such a way to guarantee a the spawning of a good amount of eggs. As well as avoiding bigger males to hurt the females.


Follow the rules!

Of course, you have to take into account such risk when you breed crayfish in general. And this is one of the reasons why it’s absolutely inadvisable to start a productive business farming these species without a solid knowledge of their behavioral and biological patterns.

Acquaponica ornamentale - carpe koi - expertise in aquaponics

1-Weekend workshop on Yabbyponics & Shrimpponics

In this 19-hour training course, we'll share with you our expertise in Aquaponics, focusing our attention on the rearing of Yabbies and Shrimps (Neocaridina davidi and cantonensis). This workshop includes either theoretical lectures and practical activities for a full-immersion weekend in the Aquaponics field.


Actually, the same applies to fish breeding, as well. In fact, we organize workshops for both these kinds of production.

Nevertheless, whereas fish ever spawn with the right water conditions and parameters. So that the breeder’s know-how plays a crucial role just in their hatching stage and then rearing of the fries.

For what concerns crayfish, the breeder’s tasks imply the satisfaction of certain requirements for their mating. Otherwise, the mortality rate in your tanks will be higher than the resulting offspring. In other words, the success of your production will rely on statistics factors. And this isn’t a cost-effective presupposition for starting a business.

In short, you’d bet with your Future, instead of investing your money for a long-term income.

Obviously, it’s a nonsense. But this mindset is really common among the emerging farmer-entrepreneurs. Partly due to an over-confidence bias and partly to a “not-giving-the-right-value-to-my-work” attitude. In other words, you don’t feel affected by the money and the time wasted in the animals stocked in your systems that are dying for silly mistakes, you could easily avoid, having acquired the right know-how.


Success! You're on the list.
Visiting colleagues from the Argentario’s Mediterranean Aquarium with whom we’re going to collaborate

Anyway, if you put your money into a business and you devote time and work for its implementation and management, I guess you want it to be successful.

Therefore, why not investing in your vocational training to make it profitable?

click on the dates!

Thus, you can gain from such choice, several competitive advantages. Particularly regarding fish/crayfish/shrimp reproduction.

Since supported by an expert knowledge you can identify the best specimens to breed among the stocked animals in your tanks. As well as guarantee the optimal conditions for their mating. And therefore, increasing the chances of getting an healthy, high-value offspring.

Tosakin Goldfish reared for ten months in an aquaponic system

This is particularly important for a production addressed to the ornamental market demand. Especially if your core business is the retail and not the wholesale.

Check the program of our workshop on Koi carps & Fancy Goldfish in Aquaponics!

Since the price of the each specimen depends on its grade. In other words, as for any cross-bred animal, it’s all a matter of how much an individual is representative of its species and variety, in terms of body shape, color patterns and size. These characteristics are affected either by the genetics and the farming methods and diet.


In practice, in order to get an high-quality and competitive production, you have to acquire expertise. And of course, the most effective way to get it in a short time is attending a vocational training course or a workshop.

Anyway, an added value of your Aquaponics business may consist in the reproduction stage of your stocked fish/crayfish/shrimps. On the contrary of what occurs in most of the Aquaponics farms around the world that purchase the juveniles and only grow them until the reach of the market size.

Furthermore, rearing your own offspring hugely reduce the risk of epidemic and disease brought by juveniles purchased from another Farm. As it happened the last Summer to us, when we introduced some Sarasa Goldfish into our former aquaponic pool. Beside the incidence of genetic mutations in cross-bred fish.

Oranda with a genetic mutation

In conclusion, I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved until now. Especially in terms of fish and shrimps born this Spring and that are growing everyday bigger. Despite the unstable climate conditions of this last months that mess up with the biological rhythm of the animals.

reproduction- offspring

And I’m eager to see our community growing bigger at the same pace, as actually it’s already happening.

Hence, I’d like to thank you for consistently following us and the developments of our Aquaponics Farm on our social channels and mailing list. As well as for taking time to visit us and benefiting from the services we provide for starting your own thriving business.


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