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an italian aquaponics farm

My Rivendell is a family-run Tuscany-based Aquaponics farm.

I implemented it with the precious collaboration of my parents and a local farmer.

Particularly, I benefit from the 10-year expertise of my father in the field as consultant and vocational trainer: our Scientific Director and marine biologist, Davide Di Crescenzo.>>


In other words, I’m fulfilling his legacy. Even if following my own intuition and according to my young, woman perspective. That is to say that I’m more eager to unleash the potential of Aquaponics through its application in the ornamental niche market.

In short, the purpose that drives My Rivendell is to create an haven that enhances the Beauty of the countryside.

aquaponics farm

This is the reason why the name of my company is a literary reference. (I don’t know how many of you are passionate about “The Lord of The Rings” saga as I am! ) In fact, Rivendell was J.R.R. Tolkien’s invention. It’s “a refuge for the weary and the oppressed, and a treasury of good counsel and wise lore.” Moreover, it’s the Fellowship of the Ring’s starting point. That is to say the haven where the little heroes of this saga decide to commit their lives to fight back the Evil, that is taking possession of their world.

And this is exactly what my family and I are striving to achieve with our Aquaponics farm on the Argentario. As a matter of fact, we want to provide the know how necessary to start Aquaponics businesses with a low initial investment. In such a way to help anyone attaining his/her own dream.

Look at our scheduled Workshops >>

Because we believe that this water-saving, low-impact farming innovation will open up a wide range of job opportunities in several professional sectors. Moreover, it’ll make us rethink the crucial role of farming either in terms of natural resources exploitation for the food production and lifestyle choice. Especially, considered the upcoming issues linked to the climate change.

But of course, Aquaponics isn’t the only viable solution. Nonetheless, we decided to focus on it for its many possible applications in different fields. Such as for instance the green tourism and the craft trades. In fact, it allows to create micro-ecosystems inside greenhouses or in jars. As you can see visiting our Aquaponics farm. Or looking at the Ecojars in our shop. >>


Anyway, when last year I started this business activity I got inspiration from a quote by an Italian activist who was killed by the Mafia, Peppino Impastato.
“If you teach the beauty to the people, it would provide a weapon against resignation, fear and silence. […]
This is why we should educate people to the beauty: because men and women do not creep more the habit and resignation but always remain alive the curiosity and wonder.”

Peppino impastato

I heard it for the first time when I was teenager and it remained written on my mind. Since I was eager to make a difference, even if little in this world. And now that we’re living so rough and cruel times, I guess that we have the arduous task of preserving and crafting Beauty. In such a way to keep on dreaming and never surrender to the hatred. As well as never get used to the ugliness of our societies.

It’s crucial we learn from the Aquaponics principles how everything that we know relies on fragile balances and synergy between all the living creatures. Insects included.


Acquario Mediterraneo dell’Argentario

My Rivendell di Giulia Di Crescenzo
VAT number: 02760360426
Address: Località Cannatelli, Porto Santo Stefano, (GR) РTuscany, Italy






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