This Aquaponics Manual is a temple of knowledge.  

This Aquaponics Manual is a virtual library. 

Aquaponics is a constantly evolving innovation. Thus we’ll update this Aquaponics Manual once a week with one new lesson. In order to keep up with the ongoing researches and experimentation all over the globe.

Hence, with this Aquaponics Manual we aim to share our expert know-how of Aquaponics. But the practical one, that usually is jealously kept only by experts and operators of the field.

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Still Aquaponics represents a solution to tackle many challenges that smallholdings are facing around the world. As well as the knowledge of this farming innovation will make these agribusinesses self-reliant. No more economically dependent on the products of petrochemical giants as Monsanto-Bayer.

As you can notice, this is an issue we care a lot. Since our livelihoods rely on the work of these smallholder farmers. Therefore, this Aquaponics Manual is designed to share the expert know-how. Because knowledge is power. Most noteworthy it should be available to anyone.

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As a matter of fact, with this Aquaponics Manual it’s going to be. Indeed our lessons will give you all the tools and the tricks of the trade. In such a way you’ll have the chance of gaining experience. While putting into practice the instructions provided.

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This is an exceptional occasion! In such a way you’ll benefit from our 9-year experience in the field. Since our expertise will be the ground for your Aquaponics project to flourish.  

Thus with this purpose we work on making the information more intelligible, without trivializing it. So that anyone with basic science education could deeply understand the biological,chemical and physical principles Aquaponics rely on.

In conclusion we give you the keys for running a successful Aquaponics facility!  


Price: €24,90 per month for 12 months.   

The deadline for subscription is on June 15.