Aquaponics training center – An Haven for committed Dreamers

Are you a visionary? Do you foresee the whole potential of Aquaponics?

Then, welcome! You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Indeed, we are implementing an Aquaponics training center where you can reach out other committed dreamers like you. In fact, our mission is to give you all the tools to grow your project.

After all, we have been working in this field as international consultants for 9 years. And so we’ve got to acknowledge the reason why most of the Aquaponics project fail at the earlier stages. Well, it’s just due to a lack of expertise. In other words, it’s difficult to find the specialized know-how necessary to run a successful commercial-scale aquaponic facility.

Of course, you can choose among several aquaponic businesses scattered all over the world. Since they provide training courses onsite to supplement their income. Although, you’ll learn merely their current know-how, in terms of fish species and veggies to grow. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of these activities produce tilapia and leafy greens.

That is excellent in countries or food desert regions where it guarantees food safety. Whereas in farming countries like Italy this innovation struggles to take root. As a consequence of the huge competition with the food mass distribution. Hence, the imperative of farming high-valued aquatic animals and veggies to launch a profitable aquaponic facility.

Though only the Aquaponics experts can provide this know-how.

So, my father and I have been designing Aquaponics lessons that aim to be more plain and intelligible for whoever is diving into this sector for the first time.

In our Aquaponics Manual we outline and resume the features of most interest for smallholder farmers. In such a way that you can easily find the specific information or answer that you’re seeking for. Without being forced to reassemble the pieces of information from many websites and DIY experiences, anymore.

Therefore get your chance! become an aquaponic expert with us!


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