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Are you a committed daydreamer like us? Are you striving to impact with Aquaponics? 

Please, contact me! Get in touch!

Hi! I’m Giulia Di Crescenzo. And I’m the CEO and Founder of My Rivendell.

I’m working on the implementation of this Aquaponics training center. Since my purpose is to grow a thriving community of Aquaponics pioneers.

In other words I aim to set up an international crossroad of Aquaponics experiences. In such a way to unlock and develop every potential of this farming innovation.

Because we are change makers. And Aquaponics know-how gives us the tools to make a huge difference in our lifetime. I firmly believe in it.

Thus if you’re one of us, please contact me and tell me your story. Or even if you just want to keep up with the developments of our project. Get in touch!

After all, we are looking at the same prosperous future. Indeed, we are both committing fully ourselves to spread the knowledge of this innovation. Insofar as we see Aquaponics as a solution to guarantee food safety anywhere. Hence, opening up dignified job opportunities. And therefore fostering welfare within local communities. With a particular focus towards the most vulnerable social groups. In short, Aquaponics can be a way to spur on social innovation in our home countries. At least this is my ultimate goal.

Since the first article I’ve published on this website I received many messages of endorsement. Each one very much appreciated. And I really hope to hear soon news from you too.

After all My Rivendell is an haven exactly designed for you. To let you grow together with our fellow daydreamers.

Thanks very much for your commitment!

My professional ID data are:
Giulia Di Crescenzo
VAT number: 02760360426
Address: Località Cannatelli, Porto Santo Stefano, (GR) – Tuscany, Italy