Our expertise in Aquaponics

Everyday we grow our expertise in Aquaponics.

In fact, we’re trying daily out the potential of this farming innovation. Not only in terms of production capacity, but also as a method to safeguard the biodiversity and traditions of the Italian countryside.

Therefore, we chose to focus on a zero-mileage polyculture production of niche-market crops, fish and crayfish. For the reason that these ones belong to our national culinary traditions. As well as being very high-priced food products due to their farming characteristics.

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1-Weekend Themed Workshop

Price: € 490 per person, includes: board and lodging, activities of training on a niche-market production inside our Aquaponics greenhouses, introuction into a community of Aquaponics experts and entrepreneurs.


In contrast to the current global trend of the Aquaponics businesses, which mostly invest on a monoculture production of leafy greens and tilapia. Because the latter are the most-effective choices. Especially in the food-desert regions where these facilities are implemented.

But, this not the case in Italy where we have the optimal farming conditions.

Nevertheless, we’re attending the abandonement of ever more farmlands. As a result of the failed generational turnover. Certainly, caused by the lack of attractiveness of the heavy workload of the conventional farming practices. Besides the harsh competitiveness of the food market, that forces the producers to follow a downward price spiral.

Hence, with our expertise in Aquaponics we aim to restore this farming oasis.

Above all, we aim to prove that it’s viable through this innovation an higher production without exhausting the natural resources of these lands. Likewise, preserving the wild Beauty. 

In this Aquaponics Manual, we make available our work-in-progress experience.

Follow us for real time updates: Aquaponics Manual


Along with the workshops we organize inside our Aquaponics “yard” to improve the expertise of anyone in Aquaponics >>

1-Week Workshop

Price: €1500 per person includes (10% discount for groups of three or more) : board and lodging, training activities inside our Aquaponics greenhouses, tasting of the Aquaponics seasonal products, introduction into a community of Aquaponics experts and entrepreneurs.


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