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Our expertise in Aquaponics

Everyday we grow our expertise in Aquaponics. In fact, we’re daily trying out the potential of this farming innovation. Not only in terms of production capacity, but also as a method to safeguard the biodiversity and traditions of the Italian countryside.


Therefore, we chose to focus on a zero-mileage polyculture production of niche-market crops, fish and crayfish. Particularly addressed to the ornamental market demand that values the quality rather than the quantity. That is to say that it’s enough a low initial investment and a relatively small room for the implementation of the system to start an Aquaponics business.

This is the reason why we promote ornamental Aquaponics. In fact, it’s an application of Aquaponics that opens up a wide range of opportunities. Moreover, like all the luxury sectors, the ornamental one is highly profitable and currently it an increasing demand despite the recession in many Countries.

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In contrast to the current global trend of the Aquaponics businesses, which mostly invest on a monoculture production of leafy greens and tilapia. Because the latter are the most-effective choice in the food-desert regions.

Therefore, the vocational training workshops we organize for seasonal events at our family-run Tuscany-based Aquaponics farm focus on the farming of high-priced crops and fish, crayfish and shrimp that are interesting for this type of market.

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Koi carps & Fancy Goldfish varieties
Yabbies getting ready to spawn inside a mating tank

As well as the know-how almost every weeks we freely share with all the passionate farmers on our website. The same as on our social media profiles.

Since we’ve acknowledged throughout the years how much confusion there is on this innovative farming practice. Hence, we aim to provide a more accurate and specific information about it.

Thanks to our Scientific Director 10-year’s expertise as breeder, consultant and trainer in the field.

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In addition to the experience we’ve been acquiring since we started this new business adventure on the Argentario.

Because we’ve found several gaps between theoretical principles and the actual practice in an Aquaponics facility.

In fact, most of the people that have been contacting us, sent us the pictures of commercial-scale aquaponic systems with several project errors. Due to the fact that they design them on the basis of other pictures found on the Net. So, perhaps misunderstanding the specific requirements of this kind of designs.

Furthermore, most of them tend to replicate the America Aquaponics system designs. Whereas, the latter are suitable for the conditions of the regions where they were implemented, they may not be a successful choice in other Countries and markets. Particularly, it applies to temperate climate (i.e. Italy) where the weather and land conditions are optimal for any farming practices.

Actually, it’s also true that the consequences of the Climate Change are experienced everywhere.

expertise in aquaponics


Anyway, we wish that the know-how we provide might be of any help to you for starting your successful Aquaponics business.

As a matter of fact, this Aquaponics Manual is devoted to you all. So that you can avoid the most common mistakes. Beside the matter of identifying which is the best niche-market demand you can produce for. And consequently, which are the best crops and aquatic animals to farm in your Aquaponics facility.

Above all, we’ll share with you the most cost-effective DIY solutions we devised to implement and manage it. As well as the tricks of this profession to unleash the full potential of this water-saving, eco-friendly farming innovation.

Our biggest Yabby

In other words, if you have the patience and consistency of keeping updated with the progress of our Aquaponics farm, you’ll get a big deal of tips to put into practice on your own.

Moreover, you’ll take part of the growing international community we’ve been working on. In such a way, you may have the opportunity of meting future partners or ever-lasting friends from all over the world.

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