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Gallery of an Aquaponics dream

Attend the steps we’ve been taking to fulfill our project frame by frame

After all, this gallery is a Photojournal. Basically we real-time share with you the stages of the implementation of our Aquaponics training center.

In fact, we update the gallery every week with new pictures. So that you’ll be always informed on the developments of our project. In such a way, we aim to show you how to gradually grow your own amazing idea. And make it true.

Because Aquaponics is a lifestyle and a life philosophy.

And perhaps, you’ll find inspiration through these pictures to slow down. Taking the time for you to admire a stunning sunset. Without giving up on productivity.

In other words, you’ll see that Aquaponics is very much about patience and waiting time. As well as every farming practice. Although in the case of Aquaponics there is the stage of designing the system. Next building. First of all the greenhouse (if you’re implementing your aquaponic facilities on farmlands) and then the aquaponic systems inside it. Afterwards you have to be patient for one month for the system to be ready. Since this is exactly the time the populations of nitrifying bacteria require to flourish in the growbeds. In the meantime, you have to prepare a tank for the quarantine of fish/crayfish. And only then you can introduce both fish/crayfish and veggies into the system.

But of course, if you’re building like us on farmlands, the weather conditions are essential factors to take into account. For instance, in our case throughout this year we tackled with extreme weather episodes in Italy. Those were seasonally anomalous. Like the snow at the end of March. Consequently, our milestones have been delayed. Nevertheless, we’ve got the chance to test the climate resilience of the small-scale systems already active on the rooftop. And looking at the pictures you can notice how impressive is the result. 

If you are a daydreamer like us and you want to get involved in our project, please Keep in touch!
Do you want to dive into the aquaponic universe? discover our Aquaponics manual!