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If you’re looking for a weekend of rest in the wild, get in touch with us!

In our multi-purpose center on the Argentario’s Promontory (Tuscany) you’ll enjoy a breathtaking landscape, while tasting our homemade Italian traditional dishes. All made with fruits and veggies organically grown either on our farmland and in our aquaponics systems. As well as with wild edible herbs we collect in the fields.  Same as seasonal berries we use for our special compotes, jams, soymilk smoothies and so on…

Moreover, if you are passionate about nature and the outings in the woods, our haven is the right place for you!  In fact, we’re arranging nature trails into our undergrowth and visits to our work-in-progress Aquaponics facility.


Often in our fast-paced daily routine there is no time to pause and contemplate the little beauties around us. Nevertheless, happiness is an ability that one must cultivate by taking for oneself some time to look at things with wonder. But of course this is not an easy lesson to put into practice when you have to focus on your to-do-list.

Hence, why don’t seize the opportunity of stopping by us for a break at our peaceful oasis?

Just to breathe and enjoy the moment. It’s a precious occasion to get in touch again with your innermost needs. Since many times it’s only a matter of perspective. How much Beauty do we fail to see in the world? How much Life even the tiniest ecosystem contains?

Every day you’ll spend at our faming haven you’ll experience the marvel of a new discovery.  Either in terms of the native flora of this area and the animals we raise or that inhabit our lands.  Particularly, the different species of freshwater fish and crayfish we rear in our aquaponics systems.  Actually we’ll cook for you the edible ones (i.e. Catfish) according to Italian traditional recipes.

Indeed we’ll provide a full-immersion in the Italian rural lifestyle for you. That surely it’s a crucial life choice for us. While it might be the starting point of an amazing adventure for you.

In fact, most of the times what we really need to figure out the next step to take on our path is to break free from our habits. Even if just for a pair days.

Wander off the beaten road and take back the time and the ease to get in touch with yourself.

After all, My Rivendell is an haven exactly designed for you, Wanderer of the stars.

You, who stare at the night sky seeking for Answers. You, who dare to daydream when everyone merely crave.

Monte Argentario - Tuscany - Italy

Monte Argentario – Tuscany – Italy

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