Our guesthouse is ready for you who choose to take the time you deserve to enjoy a break from your fast-paced daily routine.

It’s a cozy two-room cottage equipped to host 4 people at any one time.

In fact, there are two twin beds in the bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room. So that you can share an amazing weekend at our multi-purpose farming center with your beloved ones. (As long as you so desire!) Included any furry companion of yours.

Furthermore, if you love chilling out over novels or essays, you’ll appreciate our small but well-furnished library. Which includes German, English, French and Italian books. As well as dictionaries, manuals and board games.

Basically, there is everything you could possibly need if you just want to stay in seclusion for a pair of days!

But, of course we hope this is not why you’ll stop by us.

Since we have many surprises in store for you. Like our Aquaponics greenhouses. And as a matter of fact the first one is right in front of you, surrounded by one of our majestic olive tree. Just stepping out of our guesthouse you’ll see how we grow the veggies, crayfish and fish you’ll taste for lunch and dinner. Together with the fruits and the wild edible herbs we harvested on our farmland.

And in case you love cooking, seize the opportunity to collect on your own the fresh ingredients you need for your delicious dishes.

Make yourself at home inside our guesthouse! Fulfill your passions for the time you spend with us.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the peaceful countryside of Tuscany resting in the bed. Especially, breathe the fresh and pure air of this unspoiled haven. Your sleep won’t be disturbed by any urban noise.

Here you’ll rediscover the quietness of a fresh start every morning. Particularly, whenever you’ll attend us in the activities we organized for you.

For a surprising experience of the Italian traditional slow living.

Are you ready for this unexpected journey to reconnect with your inner needs?

Look at the services we provide!


Then, get in touch with us!