Working surrounded by a breathtaking view

Welcome to My Rivendell: an Haven for committed Dreamers!

My Rivendell – as its fictional counterpart created by J.R.R.Tolkien – aims to be an haven for committed Dreamers who want to reconnect themselves with the natural, slow-paced life cycle.

Since too often we get caught up in the frenzy of the fast-paced contemporary society. And so we risk to lose sight of our inner needs and what really matters in our lives.

Therefore, the mission of our eco-friendly, multi-purpose center is to give you the place and the time to retreat.

Enjoying the present moment while you rest and figure out the next step to take on your path.

Dawn at the Argentario's Promontory

My Rivendell is an oasis in the countryside of Tuscany.

Me and my family work on it to restore the Italian farming traditional lifestyle.

As well as to preserve the precious biodiversity of this wild area.


Thus to reach these goals, we leverage the potential of Aquaponics innovation. In fact, here water is really scarce and Aquaponics helps us to increase the production of typical, local food. In other words we use this farming practice as integration to our current organic production on our farmland that includes a wide range of fruit varieties too.



Among the culinary specialities we provide there are also many edible wild plants, flowers and mushrooms just collected on our land and in the undergrowth.

We implemented this haven for committed Dreamers to answer to our inner urgency of taking back our own lives. We chose to not waste anymore our time chasing moonshots, keeping up with the pace of a society that runs.


Our lifetime challenge is to slow down and just breathe, since the only moment that matters is NOW.

So, why don’t you dare with us? Get in touch with us!

You, who are a wanderer of the stars, looking for a falling star that grants you a wish. You, who miss the wonder of a breath-taking sunset on the sea.


Take some time for yourself. YOU DESERVE IT.

Stop by our haven and replenish of Beauty and peace your restless mind and body!

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My professional ID data are:
Giulia Di Crescenzo
VAT number: 02760360426
Address: Località Cannatelli, Porto Santo Stefano, (GR) РTuscany, Italy