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Logbook of my unexpected journey

Sharing the challenges and the rewards of launching an Aquaponics business

I began to keep this logbook at the first stage of this thrilling experience as entrepreneur. With the purpose of being authentic and transparent in everything that has been occurring to me since I put myself out there. Mainly because of my intimate urgency of telling my family’s story, striving to make this 9-year dream true.

Indeed this project is a sort of my parents’ legacy for my brother and I. Besides my younger cousins. And more generally the incoming generations.

Because in Italy, my home country, there is no more hope for a sunny future. As a matter of fact, we are raised worrying for a future that had been stolen to us. There are all these threats beyond our control. And faceless enemies. Hence, we don’t trust the establishment in any shape. While skepticism, racism and ignorance are spreading hand in hand with the economic crisis. And none to encourage us to strive our dreams. But even preventing us to be self-confident.


So, what I aim to achieve with this journal is to prove that each one has within oneself the strength to overcome every obstacle. And reach the summit of one’s feat. No matter where one comes from and whenever one starts. Because we’re the masters of our fate and the captains of our soul.

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