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Whatever answer you are seeking for, you can easily find it in our Aquaponics Manual. In fact, we designed it as a virtual library, every week updated with two new lessons. Because Aquaponics is a constantly evolving innovation. Hence the the key to unlock its maximum potential is keeping up with all the incoming news, trials and studies world-widely carried out in this sector.

Indeed, subscribing to our Premium Membership you’ll have access to the international expert know-how on Aquaponics. Of course some of the information and data provided are available on the net. Although usually you have to reassemble the pieces from different websites and forum. Above all they often are not reliable or comprehensive. In contrast we are experts accredited by FAO as well. As a result of working for this UN Organization as consultants. After they published the first Small-scale aquaponic food production. Integrated fish and plant – FAO. Because we had been working for 9 years on designing standardized commercial-scale systems.

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