Preserving tradition through innovation

Neither the progress or the globalization cannot be arrested. The local traditions will be preserved just accepting to invest energy, money and time into innovation right now. I know the problems related to this process, since I'm tackling them everyday with my family to start this company. But it's the only chance we have to be prepare to harder times to come.

Monte Argentario-Tuscany-countryside-Aquaponic-training-center

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Overturning the perspective

Crisis can be a source of challenging opportunities for whoever attributes it a propitious meaning, instead of complaining for a situation, that it can't be controlled. Forced waiting, as we've been experiencing in these days of snow, is of course nerve-wracking, but it can be the occasion to tell this story, as well.

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Resilient creativity

Aquaponics is all about resilience and creativity to tackle adverse circumstances and conditions to produce much more with less resources, both natural and economic. It's an innovation opened to all the applications we can imagine, in every professional sector. I hope that our business experience will inspire you to pursue this path.


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Preparing the ground…

There are many types of Aquaponic systems to find out. Each one has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. We're building a greenhouse where some examples of handcrafted Aquaponic systems will be hosted in order to make you able of choosing the typology that best matches the requirements of your business.

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Slow down! Take your time.

This is our journey and I'd like to share it with you all from the very first steps, because I want to get you involved in this amazing feat. This is something that we can achieve only together and I know how many of committed Dreamers are all around the world, just waiting for a place where we can gather and make a difference. So, welcome in our haven!

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