Please, teach us how to fly! Don’t clip our wings with your fear.

The previous generations feel powerless tackling the precariousness that connotes this transitional phase, because they can’t give us what they had learned it’s their duty to provide. Nevertheless they could convey a positive and confident approach to face all the challenges we’re dealing with in our lifetime, but on the contrary they just vent their frustration on us.


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Why Climate Change’s impact on farming isn’t your priority?

It's crucial to raise the awareness as much as possible on this matter, since solutions to tackle this global challenge already exist, but they're not under the focus of public attention.Farming is the base on which our societies had developed and our livelihoods considerably rely on its productive capacity. We're too little aware of it, despite the fact that Climate Change's impact on farming is already affecting our daily lives, as we can see with the migrant crisis with which especially Africa and Europe are dealing.

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The arduous challenge of patience

Being patient when anyone around you is rushing into new opportunities and projects is a big struggle, I know, but it's also the only way to succeed. You risk of losing your track, looking around for shortcuts to speed up the process toward your goal. The preparation is all that matters, since at the end the success of your project depends on the clarity the strategies you choose to deploy and the time you invest in consistently walking forward the same path, trying to not to think that you're in late, since the right time to start your journey is now.


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Preserving tradition through innovation

Neither the progress or the globalization cannot be arrested. The local traditions will be preserved just accepting to invest energy, money and time into innovation right now. I know the problems related to this process, since I'm tackling them everyday with my family to start this company. But it's the only chance we have to be prepare to harder times to come.

Monte Argentario-Tuscany-countryside-Aquaponic-training-center

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Overturning the perspective

Crisis can be a source of challenging opportunities for whoever attributes it a propitious meaning, instead of complaining for a situation, that it can't be controlled. Forced waiting, as we've been experiencing in these days of snow, is of course nerve-wracking, but it can be the occasion to tell this story, as well.

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