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Become an Aquaponics expert with our Premium Membership!

Are you passionate about Aquaponics? Have you an amazing project to fulfill? 

Then our Premium Membership is exactly what you’re seeking for.

Perhaps you’ve already been striving your dream. Maybe you’re struggling to make it true. Since the challenges you’re tackling are several. And you don’t have enough experience to overcome the setbacks. Or the know-how necessary to run an aquaponic facility.

But don’t worry! It’s normal. Aquaponics is a constantly evolving innovation. The potential of this field is still not unlocked. As a matter of fact there are many trials and surveys carried out by Universities around the world. But, unfortunately most of the results and data aren’t shared with non-experts. Thus, except the FAO Manual on small-scale Aquaponics, it’s difficult to find specialized information, that are necessary to start out an Aquaponics business.

Obviously, the aquaponic facilities already active provide training courses onsite. But they sell their know-how specific to the fish they raise (usually tilapia) and veggies they grow (mainly leafy greens). Whereas subscribing to our Premium Membership, you’ll get access to the wider range of know-how on Aquaponics (i.e. growing saffron, Marine Aquaponics).

Since we designed our Aquaponics Manual as a virtual library, every week updated with one new lesson. In way that the know-how shared is always abreast with the world-wide studies and researches.

After all,we have been working for 9 years as international consultants to spread the knowledge of Aquaponics. And we’ve been implementing the first Aquaponic training center in the countryside of Tuscany. Where we’re going to carry out further researches and experiment.So that most of the data provided are going to result from a real-time application of our know-how in our aquaponic facilities.

In such a way, we’ll display for you step by step the route towards the launching of your successful Aquaponics business. It’s important that you keep in mind that if most of the aquaponic projects fail is merely due to a lack of expertise.

Then, What are you waiting for? The deadline for subscriptions is on June 15!

 Price: €24,90 per month for 12 months 

20% of the profits will be devoted for training programs for vulnerable social groups in Italy.