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Finally, we’re ready to officially open up our online shop of Made in Italy Ecojars and Paper mache sculptures, both crafted and designed by me. 

Actually, as you can see in an old blog post I published (Dreams in a jar), I’ve started working on the Ecojars and tested them since early September. But the idea goes back around 9 years. Yet, I’ve been able to shape it only some months ago. In fact, I found some solutions to main problems of using the principles of Aquaponics to recreate a self-cleaning and well-balanced miniature ecosystem.

First of all, which aquatic animals to raise inside the jars: the shrimps. While, inside a fish bowl the suitable choices are a Betta splendens or some guppies ( of course, it dipends from the size of it).

Then, I chose to grow aquatic plants. That is to say, that the nitrifying bacteria are in the underwater substrate and. they convert the shrimps/fish waste into nutrients for the aquatic plants. In such a way, the Aquaponics cycle is exactly carried on.

This is the reason why we equipped every Ecojar with an aeration system. Since it prevents from having anoxic areas throughout the substrate.  Besides we exclusively use a porous, fertilized substrate for aquariums.

Moreover, the aquatic plants produce further oxigen for the shrimps/fish when rightly exposed to the daylight (or LED light for the plant growth). While the freshwater snails – we suggest to introduce into – keep the Ecojars cleaned. Because they eat the micro-algae on the glass surface.

In short, we’re very proud of our Ecojars, both for the optimal functioning, but also for the paper mache sculptures that make each one of them unique of its kind. 

Therefore, VISIT OUR SHOP >> 




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